Umai neko fighting girl mei

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Mistix Lurker. ed Dec 27, Messages 2, Reputation score Last edited by a moderator: Nov 6, ed Apr 19, Messages 1, Reputation score ed Jul 16, Messages Reputation score Same for the game. ed Apr 3, Messages Reputation score The art look really good and gameplay look a lot better than their last game see in the video trailer Is he use the same terrible voice as the demo. Dyhart Demon Girl Pro. ed Mar 23, Messages Reputation score Not that this is a bad thing I think maybe the large sized animations at game over. I'll be spending some time with this.

Also if this is like the last game, then cheat Engine will work, for those that don't wish to grind coins. ed Feb 17, Messages 43 Reputation score I beat the entire umai neko fighting girl mei and only got one from a game over. If you get knocked down, the monsters just jump around on top of you doing nothing and sometimes when you game over it just puts you back into the menu screen?

Edit: Nevermind, I'm an idiot. Last edited: Aug 8, Sangoku25 Tentacle God. ed Mar 6, Messages 1, Reputation score Beat up the monsters! Boss 1 not lose naked black screen XD. Conundrum Demon Girl. ed Feb 5, Messages 83 Reputation score But that's not enough of course, there's an unlimited spawn of those fucking crawlers from both sides, so if you don't interrupt your attack and jump over them at the right time, you'll get knocked down, even if you manage to dodge them, you're probably still in range of the bosses and will get hit anyway.

I was even kinda having fun playing the game up to this point They probably expect players to farm coins to improve stats, fuck that, Cheatengine for the win. ed Dec 9, Messages 1, Reputation score I actually had no problems with the gameplay aside from a few mystery hits that did not look like they should have registered as hits.

Not a fan of hitboxes that are nowhere near where the actual character is, but I guess its the limitations of the programmer. Though for a second go around, I would liked to have seen more progress toward the animations not looking herky jerky and being essentially all over the umai neko fighting girl mei.

I liked this character slightly better than the original one, but that really did little to nothing to affect my enjoyment of the game since the scenes were fairly lackluster. I really think a few double team scenes would have made it slightly more enjoyable since the other scenes are simply generic for lack of any real better term. Did I enjoy it? There are better games for a quick fap, so this game is bascially play it once and then forget it for eternity. Would I buy it? Absolutely not, I would have regretted the purchase 5 minutes after I started playing. WhiteKnight Jungle Girl. ed Sep 27, Messages 23 Reputation score Beat it in about half an hour.

Pretty easy game overall. Hardest part is the first boss, but you only need to kill one of those guys. Also, you only need to level up strength until the second half of the game.

Gimme about 15 minutes to go back and lose to everything and I'll the complete save. Edit: Lol that ETA was wrong. It's actually harder to lose now that I'm stronger than everything. It took me longer to lose to everything than it did for me to just straight up beat the game, but the save is attached below. Bought it. Tried using the save, but the gallery is all blacked out?

My bad. I forgot to the actual folder with the file. Should be fine now. Actually it's pretty much gg the whole game with that combo lel MurphyMurph Demon Girl Master. ed Oct 9, Messages Reputation score 5. The climax is the womb penetration. ed Jul 13, Messages Reputation score The girl voice is terrible as always. The fighting act voice is good but why h-scene voice terrible like this The gameplay is spamming skill same as Sakura.

But at least last boss has more than 1 attack type The good parts are art and animation. The first CG on 4th ; Mei has 2 mouths. Last edited: Aug 9, Don't get up and you'll be raped. Lose all your life from this. This will give you a partially clothed CG. The other comes from having a game over from being knocked down while partially nude and hitting the right buttom when the prompt shows.

Umai neko fighting girl mei

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