Turn into a girl game

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Please leave empty:. You fall asleep on the sofa, then wake up to find you're no longer a guy, but a girl. You feel:. You look down and see you now have big boobs and long hair, and your private parts have drastically changed. How do you react? A hoodie and baggy clothes.

Skinny jeans and a basic top. A pink top and a short skirt.

A pink bra and pink panties that say "Cutie". To the mall to buy some cute heels. To an arcade. To Starbucks. To a cinema to catch a rom-com. Wink and blow a kiss. Giggle and touch my butt for him to see. Wave and smile. Ignore him. A half an hour later, the guy comes up to you and says, "I don't want to disturb you, but you look so sexy. Giggle and thank him, then kiss him on the lips. Say, "Awww, thank you". Just thank him. Sputter, "Oh You then go back home and decide to see what you can do with your new look. So, you:. Try to come up with some cute hairstyles for my long hair.

Put lots of makeup on. Just do some simple poses in the mirror. Watch TV. The guy from before has followed you home. He knocks on your door and asks if he can you for the night. Which of these would you most likely do? Giggle and snuggle with him on the sofa. Let him in and just chill. Say that today isn't the best time. Say no. Heavy metal. Have a long, "playful" shower. Look at myself in there. Just have a normal shower. Shower and don't look down. Go up and flirt with them. Go up and talk to them. Wave at them. Ignore them. Whether you like it or not, you got a handsome boyfriend.

What do you do with him at break? Kiss and cuddle on a bench. Touch each other. Talk and joke around. Just talk. Tease him by playing with my hair and touching my butt. Watch TV on the sofa with him. Chat with him. Play video games against each other. Sort my hair, clothes, makeup and stuff. Do sexy turn into a girl game in the mirror, turning myself on. Listen to music. Have a quick nap. Get wet and have the time of your life.

Have a quickie with him. Be super-cute and satisfy my bf. Enjoy myself. Experiment with clothes, hair and makeup.

Get on with my life. Comments Change color. How could I not be a big lesbian when being a girl. The extreme effort you put in to get rid of that possibility is just ridiculous. Ready for your result? You like some parts of being a girl maybe all that pretty pink stuff? You are a mixed type of girl and lead a reasonably normal and very fun life. Hey, some older people might not be down with this sexual ideology, but it's your life, and things are changing for open-minded people like us!

About time - good luck! First, use punctuation. Second, people change their parts because it feels wrong for them to be their birth gender. You should accept that. Jesse All you pepole in the comments being rude or nevative go away to get on this site you either directly looked this up to search for a problem or because it is your problem just leave pepole alone your views are your own so back off. Jenna Im a girl i only did this cos im bored. For all those boys that would like to be girls think it better You think we wake up with perfect hair in nice hairstyles?

I bet if you turned to girls you would go out with terrible hair.

Have you thought on our period? No right? Well its not as easy to handle as we make it look. You have none of this problems! Why do you want them!?!!? Yeah it would be fun to change for one day to see the other side of the coin but we have more problems than you have So dont think being a girl is out of problems. Rhosyn Gotta say as a transbian, not a fan of the boyfriend thing ngl.

Hugo Leon Peraza Today i love being a Girl. Bella I am a girl now I got changed! I think u shouldn't be flirting with him, instead, call the cops??? Ziv Why would I let the creepy guy who followed me home into my house? James Enjoy the thought of being a girl and would love my body. Oscar As a trans guy I can assure you that having a female body while you're male is an awful experience.

Sarah I feel very beautiful inside of my my new body. Delete this comment Cancel.

Turn into a girl game

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What If I Turned Into A Girl?