Tumblr mega boobs

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I love revealing shirts that give barbie and bimbi the chance to see the world. My two girls are very curious do discover which dicks are interested in them. Just imagine how many guys gut a boner just by passing by. Went to the club this weekend and opted for a little more covered up look. Only wanted to make the guys hot on second luck.

Well not much luck with that. Got my first cream offer the minute I walked in the club. A real bimbo shirt is always partially see through so my nipple piercings will show when I go Out. I love showing them off and playing Peek-a-boo with them and shocking old ladies.

I had a dinner date in a restaurant tonight. It was a pretty high class place.

The moment I walked in all eyes were pinned to me. I saw a few couples where the wife gave her husband a hard time for staring at me. I absolutely love that.

BarbieBoobs - Someone asked me for a picture of my tounge with my 10 Piercings, so here it is. Just imagine getting a blowjob with this tounge!

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Tumblr mega boobs

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