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Chastity fun Male slave Emasculated Beta Boy All posts are based on my life experience as a skinny, virgin, submissive, wimpy, hairless boy who is a virgin.

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I have never seen a girl naked in person nor has any seen me I mean why would they want to? I post JOI, white boy humiliation posts, friend zone posts, emasculation, crossdressing and female superiority there will be no trans stuff, nothing gay and no GIFs. Loser Humiliation - Total Denial - Women Worship This blog will feature only women domination and worship and total denial of both ejaculation and any female nudity. I believe in female supremacy.

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Anyone who is curious, you will not be able to find a single picture of a woman's nipples, ass, or pussy on this site. Censored Women.

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Wistful Denial Strict, Hard Core tease and denial of the female form. For pussy free beta males, subs, slaves, cucks and the like.

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Be Pussy Free A pussy free loser is not an easy thing to be. But it is the right thing to do if you're a loser. Entitled losers reject their inferiority to other men, angrily blame women for overlooking them, and leave any women who gives them a chance dissatisfied.

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Enlightened losers accept their inferiority to other men, applaud women for choosing better men, and vow to lead pussy-free lives for the benefit of others. Cum in Kleenex Captions of female dominance, sexual denial, and cuckoldry. This blog will feature some of my favorite caps made by me and others. Questions and requests encouraged!

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