Tripping the rift sex

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Tripping the Rift is a CGI science fiction comedy television series. The universe is modeled largely after the Star Trek universe, with references to "warp drive" and "transporter beam" tech The universe is modeled largely after the Star Trek universe, with references to "warp drive" and "transporter beam" technology, occasional time travel, the Federation and the Vulcans.

The series also includes e Read all. Chode : Just once, I'd like to time travel and not see Nazis! In. Episode guide. Play trailer Animation Comedy Fantasy. Creators Chuck Austen Chris Moeller. Episodes Browse episodes. Top Top-rated.

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Trailer Tripping The Rift: Season 2. Photos Top cast Edit. Stephen Root Chode as Chode. Maurice LaMarche Gus as Gus. John Melendez Bob as Bob. Gayle Garfinkle T'nuk as T'nuk …. Rick Jones Whip as Whip. Chuck Austen Chris Moeller. More like this. Storyline Edit. The general setting is that known space is politically divided between two superpowers: the Confederation led by Humans, and a parody of the Federation from Star Trek and the Dark Clown Empire a parody of the Galactic Empire from Star Wars.

In contrast, the Confederation is technically a democratic and free society, but in practice, is dominated by mega-corporations and bloated bureaucracies. Ultimately, both superpowers end up exploiting and restricting their inhabitants, albeit in different ways.

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For example, the value placed on life is so commercialized in the Confederation that clearly sentient robots and androids are reduced to essentially slave-status. The Dark Clown Empire practices actual slavery, and while the Confederation does not, most of its inhabitants including the Human ones are openly described as living in wage slavery.

The only place that anyone can truly be free is in the border region between the two superpowers, which is directly controlled by neither. Lust in space. Animation Comedy Fantasy Sci-Fi. Did you know Edit. Trivia The character Six was voiced by three different actresses, a different one each season.

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Quotes Chode : Just once, I'd like to time travel and not see Nazis! Crazy credits The opening credits feature items that resemble some of Sci-Fi's biggest legends: Whip's radio-controlled ship is the original Starship Enterprise from Star Trek ; Gus uses a vacuum that resembles R2-D2 from Star Wars ; the back of T'nuk's chair resembles the monolith from A Space Odyssey User reviews 10 Review.

Top review. If you have sort of a dark humor and don't mind the constant filthiness of it then you'll love it! I absolutely loved this show. The characteristics are just so unique and quirky in their own ways. I am a huge fan of adult animation, so when I find one that is pretty funny and pushes the norm I'm alllllllllllllll for it! Definitely a funny show and worth night in binge watching. Details Edit. Release date March 4, United States. United States Canada. Sci Fi Channel. Tropiezos estelares. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 30min.

Related news. Apr 26 MTV Multiplayer. Apr 21 MTV Multiplayer. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. What is the English language plot outline for Tripping the Rift ? Edit. The Most Anticipated Movies of Tripping the rift sex the full list. August's Most Anticipated Movies and Shows. Get our August picks.

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Tripping the rift sex

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