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Located on Tarkus 's eastern-most border, near where the two halves of the planet are bolted together, Captain Steele arrives to find a U. Peacekeeper team assembled outside of a small control station next to the rift. Approaching the squad's leader, Steele learns that the Stellar Tether station has been taken over by a group of space pirates who are now threatening to blow the tethers if their demands are not met. If the tethers are destroyed, so too is Tarkus.

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The Peacekeepers recruit Steele to infiltrate the tether station, defeat the pirates, and disarm the bomb before it's too late! The first part of the dungeon is a linear corridor through the tether station at the edge of the rift. There, Steele encounters Tama crazed kaithrit tech specialist who has rigged the station's waiting room full of heavily armed turrets and set her mechanical companion Tam-wolf to guard it.

Once Tam-Tam's group is dealt with, Steele can proceed through the station and optionally fuck Tam. At this point, Steele is also informed that there is now a 4-hour deadline before the bomb detonates. An elevator lift le down to the center of the planet, where a second station is located. The first fight here is against a group of heavy rocket turrets guarding the station; Tech Specialists and Smugglers can both circumvent the turrets and destroy them from behind. Otherwise, the turrets can be fought through with brute force, though they do heavy damage.

Past the elevator platform is a circular walkway around the central station chamber. In the central chamber is Kaska Beamfurythe second in command of the Tarasquewho guards the bomb itself. Once she is defeated, Steele can take her detonator one of twoand attempt to disarm trials in tainted space bomb solution bomb if they also possess the second detonator. The second detonator is found in the northern-most part of the station, on the person of Captain Khorganthe leader of the pirate band who fights Steele in a mech suit.

She will drop a detonator, and Steele can retrieve a chunk of Plat, which is very useful for acquiring the Tarkus data probe and advancing the main story. Hidden within one of the non-hostile squares of the lower part of the tether is Mitzitied up and drugged after being gangbanged to incapacitation by Kaska and Khorgan.

The player has the option to free her. Steele can also potentially be killed by the rocket pods, by Kaska if her lust is not raised, or by remaining in the station for longer than the deadline allows, causing the planet to be destroyed with Steele in it. During the course of the dungeon, it is revealed that the bomb is a mere distraction. Rather than terrorism, the pirates are interested in a vein of Plat they have discovered in the core of Tarkus, and are busy mining it while Tam and the bomb both keep the Peacekeepers and locals away.

The Stellar Tether can be resolved in two very different ways:.

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Either way, once resolved, Steele must return to Tarkus and confront Jack or Jill Steelewho has discovered that Shekka has the dataprobe. Steele can use the Plat acquired from Captain Khorgan to instantly buy the probe, or else get involved in a very costly bidding war with Steele's rival 25, will win you the probe.

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The probe, if bought, can either be sold to Steele Tech, or given free of charge to Shekka. Additionally, if the player freed Mitzithey will encounter her in front of their ship and she will ask to come along with you. From Trials in Tainted Space Wiki. menu Personal tools Log in.

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Trials in tainted space bomb solution

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