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I love watching Tina…she is so natural…and has so much fun in her videos! Chuck R! I just tina kay bio of Tina Kay from a VR porn from 18vr called sacred sisterhood. I need to say her performance was striking and worth looking up to see who she is as I was aware of her but never seen her works. In this particular scene her green eyes stare at you endlessly and if you have access to vr I suggest it highly as she has a beauty and smile that is breathtaking up close.

Tina Kay — User rating. Tina Kay — Life and Porn Career. This Lithuanian beauty is born on April 23, in astrological of Aries, which, if astrologers are right, says that she is a true, fierce presenter of her. She began modelling when she was only 16 years old.

At the age of 21 she progressed to adult modelling and started to shoot videos. She says the transition started with posing for glamour photographers and the offers for adult business were coming more often with time. First she started doing girl on girl scenes, but soon she discovered that exposing her sexuality in front of the cameras feels quite natural. Naturally, none of the great porn networks escaped her.

Shall I go on? You get the point. This naughty babe is in porn business frombut she is nowhere near the sunset of her career. Being at the best age for porn performer and slightly approaching MILF category, this hardcore girl never looked or performed better. What drives her further than the most of porn performers is what not many of them have - she has no limits and she does everything, as she says alone in one of her interviews.

Obviously, this girl decided to skip softcore and romantic stuff from the very beginning. She likes it rough and wants everything on her plate. For example, when one journalist asked her whether she prefers scenes with boys or girls, she responded: Both. She goes straight into every corner of human sexuality, examining it, enjoying it and having fun in it. Add a piercing look in her green tina kay bio on top of that and there you have it - the woman that leaves no one indifferent.

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Plus, one of the reasons she stopped having relationships is that guys often had difficulties accepting her profession. She le an active life. She enjoys ice skating, horse riding and jogging, plus she is following a fitness routine to maintain her good looks.

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When asked what her favorite sexual experience was, she described a scene where she had sex on the back of the camel while on vacation in Egypt. Date posted: July 13, TheLord. Best sites to watch Tina Kay. Tina Kay — Biography.

Tina Kay — Photos.

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Tina Kay — Similar posts. Tanya Virago users C Reneau. Posted on June 8, Reply. Posted on October 10, Reply. Posted on November 12, Reply. Posted on December 24, Reply. Leave your reply. Tina Kay — Sources. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. For full details read our Privacy Policy Ok.

Tina kay bio

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