The fate of irnia

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Irnia is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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The land is rich in diversity from quiet villages to the noisy cities from dark dungeons to the shiny places. An Orc is a fictprotonal Humanoid character. Every 12 years, the orc attack your homeland and devastate it.

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Every time who have the only the power to protect yourself. In these words, you can only defend yourself while you have no power in order to attack orc, defeat him or either kill. Your father who was the hero of the last death, unfortunately, embraced death due to an unknown disease.

Now you, your mother and your sister are alone. However, before death, your father provides you with a gift box which you can only open when you reach full age and it was one year ago. Your choices will have a great deal in the game. These are your choices that will control the overall gameplay.

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Now the fate of Irnia and the lives of the innocent public of the Irnia are in your hands. This Adult Game is best among all of the games in the respect that it has a complex relatprotonship system. The overall storyline of the game and its ending will depend on the choices that you will make in the game. The moral system of the game will allow you to improve your character. If you succeed in your missproton then it will result in the repeatable scenes with the girl at the castle. While the castle is also upgradable in the game.

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Overview The Fate of Irnia: Irnia is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The fate of irnia

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The Fate of Irnia (Adult visual novel)