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The Big List Of Porn! The smart thing would be for me to say that this site is pure crap and that it is the worst thing since Hitler, Stalin and Genghis Khan combined but what kind of a competitor would I be then. Most of you reading this understand what a porn directorium is - it is this! The very site you are on, the info desk for porn.

Also, as you might know, there are other porn directoriums besides The Porn Dude and one of those sites is called Tblop. Here is the thing, their list isn't that long, and I'm not saying this to knock them down or anything, it's just that I've seen other sites that have a huge list and a vast selection of niches that they've placed on their lists.

That's the 1st thing I noticed. The second thing I wanted to see was how good the writers were. I know I am the best, so I wasn't sweating it but you can always learn new things, new styles, this and that when you check out the competition. I'm an assassin tblop com this game and it is no surprise that my site is numero uno in this niche, and very few can come close to bring me down but, for that reason, I always have to keep my eyes open.

It's a small pond filled with crocodiles. When you are at the top, everyone is trying to claim the throne. I was surprised that there were no reviews of the sites, no descriptions that would let you know how good the sites were. Sure, there were these brief descs, that told you some straight to the point stuff in two short sentences, if that. I was floored that they didn't have a full-blown review, like this one, the one you are laughing your ass off to right now since you know your boy TPD fin bring it the way TPD tblop com only bring it. Straight swag. None of that on Tblop. That was really strange and unbelievable.

What I did like, probably because we don't have it on our site, is the score that each site has. That was a cool feat but then again, I had trouble figuring out if the tblop com was a good one or a bad one since I didn't have a reference point to compare it with.

Also, there was this Tblop chat that they had and at the time this review was being slayed, there were users online. I had to register to get into the chat but I figured, if I placed my name into that chat box, I'd only assume that they'd go on me like hyenas go on a carcas, so I politely decided in my mind that I'm not going to stir the hornet's nest. Also, I didn't want to install Discord for this.

The site looked way to plain. Tblop com seen so many sites like this, that have a gray or black or white back layout and a list of a bunch of sites. I mean, for this to work, you have to have a spin to it. You have to have appealing optics and the detailed des don't need to be all of that but they need to have at least something. Tblop has - nothing. Yeah, I know, I'm harsh on them but only because I want them to step it up and tblop com us something that we need to compete against.

I liked that they had the Porn Search Terms. This is a feature that TPD doesn't have since it requires searches that are really in depth and it's all random. Like, beach balls? This is why I appreciate it when someone covers all of the weird kinks that people do so that we all have a more complete picture and so that the directories cover all that we can cover, that interests the public. To be honest, I was hard on this site since they have been here since and they were the inspiration for TPD to start.

So if there wasn't for the Tblop, TPD probably wouldn't exist.

They were the ones who started it all and they are still doing what they do but I have to be honest, the student has passed the master in so many ways. I'm never going to trash my own however Tblop com am going to criticize them so that we all get better.

This is a great site to check out and make your masturbation easier. The sorting and rating of all these sites is not easy in no way, so what the Tblop is doing brings huge value to the table, I would know. TBLOP They were among the first They did make a good platform back then They did care about end-user back then Selection of the sites Ease of interaction Chat option Could use a better layout They don't offer reviews The lists could be broader and bigger.

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Tblop com

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