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Oh my God, please say you didn't see what I was doing with the shower head I can't believe you'd try something like this after what I caught you doing with my dirty panties. Look, it doesn't matter how hot you think I am. You can never have me because we're related. Forget it. What's that bottle you have You really are delusional if you think that'll taboo planetsuzy on Whoa, I feel all tingly Oh my God, what's come over me. I need taboo planetsuzy touch myself I'm sorry, I can't help it I just have to feel you inside of me, little brother.

The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to enilian For This Useful Post: broxymadalekxdiogenesiowaguy43p0rnstar82philberttroyrockinit69yoonakron. Her shorts are a little short, and her bra straps are showing. Yeah, yeah, its summer but she doesnt have to dress like a slut. Apparently her mom says its fine, but Rock doesnt want guys taking advantage of his daughter because they get the wrong idea from her clothes. He tries to explain that her sexuality is a gift and that she should only bestow it upon certain, special people. But guys like it when shes slutty He just doesnt like other guys touching him.

She starts to sidle up to him, unzipping his pants, as he tells her to try and keep it in the family. Excited by this, she gets on her knees and they decide to talk about it later.

She starts to suck his cock. Its already hard because truth be told, he loves those short shorts on her. His baby girl sure has a nice ass. And her mouth feels so good on his cock. Damn, hes taught her well. After a while she takes off her own clothes and he picks her up and tosses her on the bed so he can eat her pretty little pussy.

They fuck for a while, exchanging oral pleasure in between fucking in various positions. He loves fucking his baby girl, and she loves fucking her daddy.

Yeah, she might be taboo planetsuzy to hang out with her friends but this is totally worth it. Only her daddy fucks her like this. He cums all over her chest, just the way she likes. Now maybe hell let her go out with her cute little shorts on. I had a dream about my daddy fucking my face, and it got me so hot, I kew that I had to make it happen. I crawled up to him and unzipped his pants, he was drunk so I knew he wouldn't notice, I pulled his big cock out and slide my tongue across it.

It tasted so good, I started to suck his cock, and it made me so happy to hear my daddy moan in his sleep to my cock sucking. He started to wake up, but I didn't care, I needed to suck his cock, but he just thought it was a dream! So I kept sucking, then took my clothes off, and daddy started to fuck my face, I love the way his cock felt in my mouth as he got closer and closer to cumming, and then boom, he fills my mouth up with his tasty cum.

I love my daddy and hope he'll fuck me next time. Mike starts fucking his Mom Doggie Style and has her moaning with pleasure quickly. Very quickly Mom starts sucking his cock again, it's what she really loves to do. Mike tells his Mom how good she is, to which she replies how glad she is his Dad got her started on this. Mike's very pregnant Sister walks in on the two of them, wanting to know what is going on.

Nicole confesses she is getting horny and even her moms question about even so she is pregnant, has her wanting in on the action. Just don't tell Dad she says, but Payton tells her that all of this was his idea already anyways, even so he now hates it. Nicole gets undressed and onto the bed and both Mom and Brother start rubbing her lactating titties. Payton has Nicole give her brother a blowjob and quickly takes her turn again sucking Mike's dick and rubbing her daughters pussy.

Nicole is ready taboo planetsuzy a cigarette now as is Payton and they start talking smack about her dad. Payton doesn't even think her kid's are his, but he doesn't know, to which they all start laughing. Mike just loves squeezing his sister's tits and sucking the sweet little milk out of them as Payton continues blowing Mike's big cock. Finally Payton decides to ride his cock cowgirl style as she continues rubbing her daughter's pussy.

She soon has a big orgasm and now Nicole is having a turn at her brothers cock. She rides him hard and fast, her pregnant ass just flopping up and down, but now she wants to get fucked doggie style and her brother happily fucks her fast and hard. As Mike bangs his sister, Payton touching herself for pleasure taboo planetsuzy moaning loudly, Nicole decides to finger her a bit to help.

Mike wants to fuck his pregnant Sister in the ass, but first Mom want's to have another go of it.

As Mike bangs his Mom one more time, Payton eats her daughters pussy and then Nicole rubs her Mom's tits as Mike rams his cock up deep into his Mother's pussy. After yet another orgasm, Payton rubs oil on her son's dick, so that he can now bang Nicole in the ass. Nicole helps guide her brothers dick into it and it doesn't take long to have her moan with pleasure. As he fucks her tight little asshole, Payton starts licking his.

While he continues to fuck his sister in the ass, Mom taboo planetsuzy Daughter share a kiss and Payton tells Nicole how lucky she is to have them for her .

Just as Mike has his Sister on her back and fucking her ass some more, Dad storms into the room, all upset that they started without him. He wanted to be a part of it all. Payton tells him that he is going to ruin everything and to get out, she will explain everything later. Very pissed off he leaves the room. As Mike finishes banging his pregnant sister in her ass, he pulls out his dick and shoots his come on Nicole as Mom helps rub it all over her pregnant belly.

Finally Mom and Daughter get to smoke a cigarette on the bed and as Nicole appreciates her brother's cock, they make a little more fun of poor old Dad and have a good laugh. Where did this little pervert learn such disgusting behavior?!? Not only is he disrespectful, but he fills my cunt with cum too! But I don't mess with the hard stuff anymore. Just herb. I don't think it's a big deal. I'm a big girl now, I'm 19, I can make my own decisions. My Dad thinks differently though. He freaked out the other night when he came home early from work and caught me raiding taboo planetsuzy fridge because I had the munchies.

I told him I wasn't high, but then he saw my glass pipe sitting on the counter, and I was busted! Dad is so old fashioned, he said he won't have taboo planetsuzy daughter smoking that stuff under his roof, and that he had to punish me. My Dad has a strange way of punishing me, but his house his rules, I guess. After my Dad finished pounding my little pussy and came all over my face, I realized maybe he was right after all. I used to hate them. I thought they were all smelly and dumb. But I've started to think some of them are really cute. I even started sending them naked pictures on my cell phone.

Taboo planetsuzy

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