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Catherine falls in love with Vincent Brooks at the Stray Sheep and she works as a video game developer at a technology company called Fowles Electronics where she has worked on a "peeping tom dating sim" video game.

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Her seductiveness is more than just an act. In actuality, it turns out Catherine is a demonic succubus from the underworld. In her free time, she seduces men and then kills them by dooming them to their nightmares. It is unknown if she is a rapist or a consensual succubus.

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Although many would call her "evil", her mission is to help clear the world and human gene pool of unfaithful cheating men. Those who succumb to her beauty die from a curse known as the " Woman's Wrath ". As the mental image of Vincent Brooks ' ideal woman, Catherine appears as a young Caucasian white woman, as mentioned by Vincent it can be difficult to tell because one may misinterpret the game being set in Japan, in addition to many anime characters having blonde hair and blue eyes. She has blonde hair in swirling ringlet pigtails, a potential reference to the ram horns in the game.

She wears blue eyeshadow, possibly pink lipstick and pink nail polish. She wears a white corset-like shirt, a white miniskirt, white stockings and white shoes. Her outfit resembles lingerie. Her lacy bra is visible and has heart des which match her lacy heart necklace. Around her waist is a red ribbon tied into a bow which is likely a reference to the traditional obi, a sash worn on kimono outfits, as well as the merging of American and Japanese aesthetics in the game. While at Vincent's apartment, she sometimes wears a t-shirt with four hearts, with 1.

This shirt seems to be a parody of Zelda. It is unclear if this shirt is Catherine's or Vincent's.

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Catherine is generally a upbeat, cheerful, eccentric, carefree, enigmatic and bubbly woman whose initial physical appearance and personality are meant to mirror what Vincent is searching for: a free soul. Freedom defines her entire attitude and feelings towards life: she's impulsive and resists commitment. This is demonstrated by the fact that she works with Dumuzid to corral men into the Nightmares "on a whim". Despite being a succubus, Catherine isn't entirely cold-hearted — in the novelization, she tells Jonathan Ariga that she feels bad that he will probably begin having "nightmares".

It is also difficult to label her as "evil" or "malevolent". Catherine spends more time with Vincent as their relationship develops, neglecting her duties as a succubus. It's unclear if Catherine has a true interest in and feelings for Vincent, but given that she allows herself to be with him in certain endings and is upset when he attempts to leave her, it seems that a part of Catherine truly does love Vincent Brooks. Her true personality is evident in the Catherine True Ending and Catherine Good Endingwhere her attraction to a chaotic Vincent is clear.

During the Catherine Bad Endingshe shows nowhere near as much interest in him. This shows that, despite her base attraction to Vincent, Catherine seeks excitement above all else. However, she still admits that she was actually a bit into her relationship with Vincent herself, and that it wasn't simply all role-playing. While Katherine is a workaholic, Catherine hates working and always asks Vincent when he's done with his job, viewing jobs as another thing succubus helps run cafe and score chicks chains people down.

She is very uplifting, approving and supportive of Vincent and tells him he's fine just the way he is — a contrast to Katherine's berating, criticizing, scrutinizing and nagging attitude towards Vincent. Unlike Katherine, Catherine doesn't seem to mind Vincent's drinking and smoking habits. Catherine is more affectionate with Vincent, in contrast to Katherine.

Catherine is more playful, unpredictable, mischievous, wild and naughty, a contrast to Katherine's serious attitude. While Katherine pushes marriage, Catherine thinks marriage is overrated and doesn't see it as more than a man-made tradition instead of something god-given. Katherine dresses conservatively in black while Catherine dresses liberally in white.

Catherine being physically abusive after Vincent breaks up with her for Katherine McBride. Catherine can be perceived as an emotionally, sexually, physically abusive, and manipulative girlfriend. Catherine is prone to having rapid swings of emotions — she's revealed to be rather emotional, experiencing rage one moment and joy the next. When Vincent breaks up with her on Day 7her initial reaction is one of desperation; that, as long as she is 1 in his life, he may have another woman, evenin his life.

Though this can be seen as a last play at manipulation, her reaction appears genuine. It quickly shifts to abuse and violence when Vincent follows her into the Stray Sheep's bathroom and he is physically assaulted, beaten, punched, and screamed at by her. Catherine warns him of the dangers of breaking up with her and, thus, leaving her "protection". Catherine also makes suicidal threats to Vincent about how she'd "die" if he cheated on her. She has a tendency to give violent love bites, which Vincent has to cover up with bandages to hide.

In addition, due to her succubus nature, Catherine may be a rapist and Vincent could be viewed as a rape victim. It can be argued that Vincent's first drunken hookup with Catherine was consensual, since they might have both been drunk at the time. However, Vincent can't remember it in the morning, or any of their other sexual encounters either. It is unknown if she ever actually had sex with Vincent during the events of the main story, and there are arguments both ways. However, the Immoral Beast, the fact that Catherine wakes up next to Vincent naked, and in Vincent's dream, she says to Katherine that "Vincent is a wild man in the sack" implies that they had sex.

However, this only occurred in one of Vincent's dreams, although it can then be counter-argued that Vincent's reality would naturally affect his dreams and subconscious. Catherine has a few hobbies, interests and quirks. Catherine tells Vincent she has a sweet tooth though the only food she is shown to order in the game is the summer squash pasta while at Chrono Rabbitenjoys horror movies, and playing video games with her father. Succubus helps run cafe and score chicks the Rapunzel novelization, Catherine works as a video game developer, showing that she has a creative side.

Despite being a demon, she seems to fear ants. No details are given about her origin, other than that she is an ancient succubus from the "Underworld" spirit realm who is able to change her form to suit the ideal woman of a man and also has the power to enter the dreams of men, though she does have an antagonistic relationship with her overprotective father, Nergalwho is the Lord of the "Underworld".

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It is unknown how much power she has as to her position in the demonic hierarchy. She is focusing on Vincent's city for her marks because of her casual "employment" with Boss. Her appearance as an ideal woman to other men is completely different than when she appears to Vincent. Catherine is a major character in the novel Catherine: The Mysterious Tale of Rapunzelin which she appears to be a new video game developer to Freddie.

Despite Freddie being in a relationship with Stella Simmonsshe has sex with him, dooming him to the nightmares. Catherine comes up with the idea of a peeping Tom game involving stalkers and filming sex scenes, although Freddie is uneasy about it. Confessing that she has taken a liking to Freddie, Catherine asks Freddie if she can stay at his apartment for the night.

Freddie answered his phone to hear Stella asking him to come over to her house. Still declining her request, Freddie offers to see her tomorrow. Entering the bathroom just as Freddie ends the call, Catherine asks who Freddie was talking to. Freddie claims it was a friend of Georg while Catherine tells Freddie she suspects it was a woman.

One night, Freddie makes his way back home runs into a drunken Catherine who soon claims was waiting for him, claiming that she simply had a feeling that he would be there. Catherine confesses her love to Freddie before kissing him once more. Arriving near his apartment, Freddie noticed the light was on in his room and a dark figure resembling Stella walk across its window.

Hearing Stella call out to Freddie and concerned about her succubus helps run cafe and score chicks to his affair, Freddie tries to get Catherine to leave before she opens the door but she resists. As Stella opens the door and Freddie tries to explain why Catherine is with him, Freddie is shocked to find Catherine having disappeared from sight. Freddie then impulsively asks Catherine to come live with him, wanting her to be by his side not just work but at morning and night.

Being told by Catherine to answer his phone, Freddie reluctantly obliges to find Stella asking him if he has been having dreams and if a sheep fell then to meet her at the Stray Sheep at 10 offering to tell Freddie all about the dreams. After the call ended, Freddie looked back to Catherine only to find himself as the only person around in the office.

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Catherine eventually disappears. However, she appears in Freddie's nightmare. Freddie asks Catherine what is happening and what she's doing here.

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Catherine explains that Freddie has reached the end of the nightmare; that she is a succubus and she only decided to help out on seducing and culling males who got in the way of the plan on a whim. She continues to say that the nightmare was a device Thomas Mutton made for that purpose.

Freddie claims to be unaware of anyone by the name of Thomas Mutton. Catherine goes on to explain that the sheep who fell were in fact as Freddie suspected human but also that they were specifically males and that the Sophie monster was just a manifestation of Freddie's fear that him breaking up with her caused her death, that she might still be alive if he stayed with her. Feeling some with relief from hearing this news and that the monster that chased him isn't actually his deceased ex-girlfriend Sophie MallowFreddie asks Catherine if the sheep with the silver rosary that died was Georg.

Taking her silence as confirmation, Freddie then asked if Daryl also died in the nightmare as well which Catherine also confirmed.

Succubus helps run cafe and score chicks

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