Strumpets walkthrough

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CodeMonkey Active Member. May 31, Last edited: Jun 4, Apr 26, 12 Would you please share your information's with us? From an older release I have this, but it doesn't work with the current version: Cheats! As a refresher and for all the new patrons, here are the cheat codes again. Type the word "CASH" whenever you can see your money, this will give you gold.

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Type the word "STAM" whenever you can see a persons stamina, it wont look like it is filled but it will be. Last edited: Jun 5, Reactions: Gats87 and cypr. TTT3 Newbie. Jun 18, 78 Fushan Active Member Donor.

Aug 12, Reactions: CrohnaakRossweisseDinky-Minky and 1 other person. Shenz Reach out for the Truth Donor. Jul 16, Fushan said:. Jul 5, 39 I too would like the cheat code supporting strumpets walkthrough. You can hack money with Cheatengine. It is a 4 Byte Value, you only have to multiply you current money by 8. So if you currently have gold, you have to search in Cheatengine for the value Increase or decrease your gold, multiply it by 8 and search for this new value and you have the address. THis is Not working.

Wagon New Member. Jul 8, 1 1. Reactions: Bober. Saxle New Member. Aug 26, 7 0. The link by OP to download is not working. Jul 7, Saxle said:. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Strumpets walkthrough

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