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Forgot your password? Ichika and Futaba are so close it even surprises their friends sisterly bliss family at times. Ichika, the diligent, stubborn older twin, and Futaba, the childish, sociable younger twin, are an inseparable pair. Growing up, the two did everything together. No matter where they went, the twins were never apart. And even now that they've grown up, their personalities diverging and leading them to different hobbies, they're still as close as can be.

For Ichika, the responsible big sister, looking out for childish, spoiled Futaba has become an everyday occurance, both at home and at school. But one day, worried that the twins are growing too close, their mother chastises them, explaining that there's a difference between being supportive of each other and being codependent. Regardless of how close they are, she says, they can't stay together forever.

With that admonition, the twins' relationship begins to change. Lurking beneath Ichika's wish to see Futaba happy is a different feeling, one that torments her. A desire that cannot be fulfilled. And as their relationship changes, Futaba grows restless, seeing her wish to always be by Ichika's side drifting further and further away. What awaits these twins, who harbor feelings stronger than mere sisterly love?

What form will their relationship take, and what conclusion will their story reach? This game follows a system where each choice either gives points to Ichika, or it gives points to Futaba. There are two good endings and two bad endings. The ending you get is decided by the difference between the of points each girl has.

The order in which the choices are made is irrelevant. Sisterly bliss that matters are the of points accumulated.

Therefore, there are many combinations of choices that will lead you to the desired route. Skip to the bottom of the Walkthrough section to see which sisterly bliss give which points and decide for yourself, or follow your desired route's guide if you just want to end up on the correct route and don't care about choosing.

This system is represented in-game via a two sided bar chart which you can visualise at any time by right clicking and selecting 'Status' in the menu that appears. Choose the other choice for the ones in bold to change from the good to the bad ending or the other way around. There are twelve choices with two options each. Obviously, each of the options is mutually exclusive to the other, however, at least one of each set of two options adds or subtracts points. The point spectrum goes from to Within the spectrum, the routes are decided when the value at the end is: Ichika Bad [, -7] Ichika Good sisterly bliss, -1].

It's difficult to end up with zero, but possible, if my values are correct. I'm assuming zero le to Futaba's route, but have not confirmed this. Note: Some of the choices don't change the bar, as they're actually about stopping it from going in the opposite direction. I made a points guide just for the heck of it, but I wonder if there's a better way to format it? Because of the way it is right now there's no easy way to explain how many points you need sisterly bliss enter a given route. Seems to work better with the in-game bar chart too.

I've only played one route, so I still need to test the stuff for Futaba's route, and I have no idea if choosing certain choices changes others still, so I might have to redo everything. As always thank you 4 your'e hard work. I tried getting the Futaba good ending by following your selections, and I am always getting the bad ending.

The last selection does not change to " I just can't imagine parting ways with Futaba! Right, the last choice in Futaba's route is incorrect. I was made aware of that just earlier today. Because of the way I've laid out the table I also can't answer your question in regards to the points.

In order to get the good ending, you basically need more points in Futaba than in Ichika, but not too many more, or you'll end up in a bad ending. In theory, if you follow the Futaba guide and then sisterly bliss both of the options you've told me about for the last one, one of them should take you to the good ending and I think it'd be choice 1. As I've said, the guide is incomplete and untested for now, but I should finish it within a few days. Are you sure? By following my current Good Ending guide for Futaba's the bar chart is looking like I landed in Futaba's good route.

I can't confirm until I play it through, but does yours look like this? If that's still bad ending territory, then there's something odd with the game, as Ichika's values would be different from Futaba's, which isn't meant to be the case. I now did the choices following the list again and got the good ending. Did you change another choice? Maybe I had a bug. I did the choices like the list said three times to make sure and got the bad end each time. Now after restarting the game it suddenly worked. In theory, if you play all endings up till the end, you will see all CGs in the game, even if the in-game gallery is bugging out.

EDIT: Rather than suspect bugs, the more obvious cause is that my walkthrough does not cover all in-game choices necessarily. Doing them may be necessary to unlock all CGs though I haven't actually tested that :. Alright so, I just finished the game on PC doing all 4 endings at least 2 times. But somehow, there are still scenes missing.

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Recommended Posts. Mr Poltroon Posted September 13, Posted September 13, edited. But there's more to their love for each other than first meets the eye. Ichika Good Ending Spoiler. I have to be strong.

Within the spectrum, the routes are decided when the value sisterly bliss the end is: Ichika Bad [, -7] Ichika Good [-6, -1] Futaba Good [1, 6] Futaba Bad [7, 13] It's difficult to end up with zero, but possible, if my values are correct. Link to post Share on other sites. Posted September 13, Posted September 15, TheOne 0 Posted September 16, Posted September 16, edited.

These feelings are wrong, aren't they? I can't let things continue like this What ratio is needed? Edited September 16, by TheOne Mr Poltroon Posted September 16, Posted September 16, I tried both of the last options and both go to the Futaba bad ending. That is why I posted.

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Sisterly bliss

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