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If you're interested in that, know that they have download options as well. And all of that free of charge! Besides that, the appeal of ShooshTime is in its unique way of drawing you in, making the most usual amateur porn video seem as if it is the rarest gem of them all. See it to understand it. It's primarily dedicated to weird and bizarre videos though, so if you're interested in that, check it out.

It's also easy to browse, and you don't have to register to it. If you like what you hear, check the site out and enjoy your time, because you can use the place however you want! Sometimes I review porn sites that have me cackling from ear to ear throughout, either because they feature funny content, or because the people that made it are completely insane. These types of sites are very rare, because, for the most part, people like to focus on the sexy aspects of pornography. But I have to admit that sometimes I myself a little bored, in the mood for a pick me up. If I feel like kicking back and relaxing but I also happen to have a 2-inch boner between my legs, I channel the spirit of ThePornDude and I find something that I can jack off to that will also make me laugh.

You see, EFukt is an adult humor site — literally. Whether they find a video because a fan-submitted it or they stumbled onto it themselves, they go out similar to efukt their way to crop it for maximum humorous delivery and it to their site so that the world can laugh with an erection in their hands. There is no consistent genre and there are no rules. Back in Time Way back when the internet was just starting off and porn was still a bit of a novelty, people used to come together in dark seedy forums to find and gawk at videos from third world countries that would make even the toughest of men like ThePornDude cringe and wince in disgust.

It was never about finding the most sexually explicit videos, mind you. It was about finding fucked up shit that shocked and surprised, and ultimately made you laugh. Fast forward a decade and EFukt are sitting pretty on the top of this niche, as the single best place to find all the best surprising humorous porn clips on the web.

All of their videos are quality smut, similar to efukt they get a little repetitive after a while.

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In this video, the poor girl gets absolutely destroyed. I first saw the video on EFukt a few years back and I have to admit, I find myself coming back to it very often, because it is a work of art. The sheer level of sexual destruction that girl goes through is indescribable. And in the EFukt edit, you get a perfect cut right to the points where you can see her regret all of her life similar to efukt. They take the funniest, most unique, most fucked up parts of every and any bit of pornography, they edit it down to comedic perfection and post it on their site for freaks like you and me to jack off to.

You can check out the most viewed videos of the day, month, year, and all time. Pics and Gifs As a bit of a bonus, I should mention that the site also has a bunch of images and animations of fucked-up pornographic content as well. They have always been and probably always will be the premier suppliers of fucked-up porn shit on the web, and they take their jobs very seriously.

Their editors crop their videos with style, grace, talent and a general sense of macho badassery that would make ThePornDude proud. So if I wanna watch a video of a girl being tied and bound, so that another girl can shoot thorns at her ass with a slingshot, I can and I will, and you should too.

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Similar to efukt

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