Sim brothel 2 quests

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Tuesday, December 27, Revision - Revision Adding Natasha. Monday, October 24, Revision - Revision Sorry for the slow update on Revision been busy. Will post them in more then one to catch up. Revision Revision Spacebird Warning: She's likely to be buggy as hell for a while. Please report all bugs to chat.

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Some pictures temporary pending new commissions. View the past of the Lancer Hero upon new game. Have to discuss with Blackimp yet, but we may put traits completely editable in xml. If any of the main devs aka admins wants to save or backup that and delete everything unnecessary, and finish moving the unneeded files to that folder, it would be really great.

I know the update will hurt your souls and internet connections, but I had to do it, I'm sorry.

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Once the dev team approves changes, I'll start implementing them. Almost all preparation work is finished. Currently testing new xml loading.

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New Battle Skills files can start to be rewritten now, though some code errors typos mostly are still expected since system is not completely tested. Traits and Combat Classes are prepared and will be tested soon too. Please try to check them and give some feedback. New xml templates are already "final versions", but if you still have suggestions, better now than later.

Check them. From now on when we add it into the systemeverything will have to be updated there. Fran temporarily added to slave market pool she'll be returned to quest status upon her official re-debut. No other changes to quest functionality. If you want to add proper combat classes, feel free to do it yourselves. NOTE: No encounters, treasure, or really any point other than to look around at the moment.

Work will be ongoing! Revision Edwards However, at the moment that means that certain events and characters don't quite line up. Don't worry, we're fixing that.

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But for now, the questline is at least completable. Revision - Revision Please report any bugs to the chat! Fixing a minor issue with Niji Island. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

Sim brothel 2 quests

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