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I guess this was kind of inevitable, but a friendly reminder to keep further discussion of meta topics in the current meta thread. As much as possible, I want to keep that conversation in one place without stifling it. I don't want to nuke the thre that are already here, but please move over to the meta thread if you can.

Edit for clarity, and another to make the link direct. Looks like the drama about its removal is just as big a topic as the short itself. I liked how Gigguk used the drama as a way to talk about how anime has changed in the past few years. Since Porter tweeted about it, it would become a bigger deal than it would have been. The removal was just embarrassing.

Things like that just make the sub look like a bunch of elitist dicks. The good side is that for me who come rarely here, i wouldn't have saw it without it's removal and this thread. There's unfortunately at least a few of those reviews on almost every short film on MAL. Some reviews sound like they wanted Legend of the Galactic Heroes or Hunter x Hunter out of a shelter anime reddit film I read that review; it was more a rant than a review.

The MAL's review system is broken imho. You can review an anime that hasn't even been completed yet, you can't even vote reviews as 'unhelpful' Etc. One "reviewer" being retarded is nothing unusual. The REAL problem is the hundreds of people marking that crap as "Helpful", just because they think it's funny. Don't take him serious. That's exactly what I thought!

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I even wrote a rant in response because I was salty. I posted it on the MAL forums, I'll paste it here for anyone who wants to read it, which is probably no one. Holy crap, some of these people calling Shelter "garbage"and "insulting" are exaggerating waaaaay too much. There is a point that I will concede, that Shelter lacks substance.

Well, of course it does, its a 6 minute video for a song. The mere fact that a cohesive, rather emotional story was squeezed into those 6 minutes while still fitting the music was already impressive in and of itself. The main focus really shouldn't be on the plot, but on the audiovisual content.

In fact, the entire reason the video exists is to present it's audiovisual content, and should therefore be judged based on that criterion. Everything exists for a purpose.

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For fanservice-filled crap, it's to make the viewer enjoy themselves. For more complicated works, it's to make the viewer actually stop and consider something. Series like these have morals, they have lessons, they have themes and symbols and complex plot arcs.

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Shelter is quite literally a 6 minute video deed to present a song. A SONG. It's entire purpose to exist is to present a song. The mere fact that it manages to fit in any "semblance of a story" at all is actually rather impressive.

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And you know what? It detailed the anguish of the father of a young child as he desperately tries to save her from his dying world, and her loneliness, then pain and later acceptance when she realizes what he had done for her. And it took all of that and condensed it into 6 minutes.

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Sure, it used petty tricks. Depending on how you looked at it, it probably even forced emotional responses from the audience with feels all that. But, if you had to tell the same story with the same amount of emotional resonance and depth in a measly seconds, how would you have done it? I'm not saying that there ISN'T a better way to present this, but the way Shelter did it sure as hell wasn't bad.

My arguments will probably get ripped apart and stomped on, but I just feel like some people are expecting waaaaay too much from this music video. I mean, it's meant for enjoyment, and it's only 6 minutes long. It was made for people to look at and enjoy, so don't hate on it and act all cynical.

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Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best. View discussions in 2 other communities. Continue this thread. Uhm what removal? Where did it get removed from? It's a 6 minute video goddamnit.

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There should be an unhelpful button in MAL. AND they're episodes long. More posts from the anime community. Reddit's premier anime community. Created Jan 25, Top posts october 21st Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top.

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