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The past 12 months have seen one-track-mind geeks everywhere make sex symbols of Pennywisethe fish-man from The Shape of WaterThanosthe robot from Lost in Spaceand too many animated characters to note.

Of course, Venom would follow in those scaly, slimy, ceaselessly terrifying tracks. The Hallmark cards write themselves! Indeed, the comic books have been playing around with it for many years now, both in suggestion and more obvious ways. It could be argued that the character has sexy venom had a psychosexual subtext, although it was more likely than not unintentional. Venom first appeared in the Spider-Man comics in Decemberwhen the Symbiote alien bonded with Peter Parker, giving him a black spidey-suit for a brief period. The Symbiote would take over Peter while he slept and go out at night exploring sexy venom city.

When Peter discovered that the Symbiote was trying to permanently bond with him against his will, he rejected it. Later, the Symbiote would find Eddie Brock, a cocky former Daily Globe reporter who had lost his job when he got the facts wrong on a major story, something he would blame Spider-Man for.

Sinking into a suicidal depression, Brock sought solace in the church where Peter had rid himself of the Symbiote, who sensed Brock's hatred for Spider-Man and took him to be his new host. For Peter, the power and pull of the Symbiote was a toxic influence in his life, one he had no desire to be a part of.

Yet for Eddie, the thrall proved far more intoxicating. Fueled by their mutual bitterness towards Peter, the pair proved a formidable villain to Spider-Man and became one of the most iconic in a canon chock full with memorable baddies. Venom would have other hosts — including Flash Thompson and Lee Price, the latter of whom would flip the power dynamics with the Symbiote and leave even Venom feeling traumatized by the experience — but he always comes back to Eddie.

That sexual angle writes itself. As noted by Charles Pulliam-Moore at io9. Much in the same way that Jean Grey and the Phoenix have come to understand that they are two halves to a much larger whole of a being, so too have Eddie and Venom. After reuniting, Eddie refers to their status as having "recently got back into a relationship", one he had "been dreaming of Even if you divorce Venom and Eddie from their narrative, the sheer aesthetic and creative mystique of that image has proven immensely alluring for a long time.

In the world of erotic horror and hentai, there are plenty of Venoms. Monster porn is practically a breeding ground for this, which would make the oft-conflicted Eddie feel right at home. Venom grasps at Clint Carton during naked interrogation.

Fan-service, much? Over the past few years, erotic horror and monster porn genres have attracted plenty of negative sexy venom derisive attention. When the brief self-published dinosaur porn craze of Amazon went mainstream, it was tough to find any reporting or analysis of the phenomenon that didn't look at it with cynicism or outright hostility. Following these reports, Amazon. And plenty of people want to know every gooey tentacle-writhing detail. Sexy venom is not an erotic character nor is he written to be actively sexualized in such a manner but he readily fits many of those tropes that erotic horror fans are so attracted to.

Yet that central dynamic remains one of intense sexual fascination, even in a PG movie. In a world where people ship Pennywise with the BabadookVenom as a sex symbol is probably one of the tamer geek fantasies, but his strength as an introduction to the tropes of erotic horror deserves some kudos.

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Sexy venom

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Venom’s sex appeal is real (and the movie goes there)