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Teron and Attica are a pair of Tarratch swarm-mate-partner-siblings and the owners and managers of Sentient Acquisitions. A store that specializes in the purchase and selling of sapient alien beings as "Indentured Servants".

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On either side of the counter two tall, insectile humanoids are standing face-to-face. Their faces are pale skinned and their limbs armored in black chitin, the same color as their liquid, pupil-less eyes. They are good looking in an austere, androgynous kind of way, complimented by their sharp business dress.

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They each have a ruff of wide, diaphanous feathers around their necks which they are fluttering at each other vigorously, like hummingbird wings. Color spre across and below the shimmering surfaces, impossibly thin and infinitely deep at the same timeā€¦. Being typical examples of their species, Teron and his sister Attica look down on other sapient lifeforms, especially ones completely devoid of psionic power.

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Generally speaking "Rue-Collars" serve 2 functions: Food and a source of revenue. Using their feathery Collars they can bewitch and psionically dominate the minds of other sapients and feed off their emotions and memories or train them into being sex slaves. In the latter case, they can potentially bid and sell aliens to others for a tidy profit.

Although, there are several loopholes and work-arounds to these ordinances. Aliens on the frontier worlds discovered during the Planet Rush will most likely not have received those Sapient Rights yet and thus can be spirited away to become sex slaves. Pirates and other Criminals may consent to lightened sentences in exchange for working as an indentured servant for a period of time. And sometimes, foolish teenagers and up-and-coming business owners may take one too many loans for luxury gene mods and other pointless crap that they have no other option of paying off aside from their service.

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The player will first meet these two Tarratch in their store: "Sentient Acquisitions". After introducing themselves, they will admit that they are just setting up and currently only have one potential product, that being a Horned Girl.

Later if the player becomes exceptionally wealthy, they can buy Bizzy. It was originally planned for Teron and Attica to use their Collars to hypnotize, sexually dominate, and emotionally drain the player for food in exchange for money. From Trials in Tainted Space Wiki. menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Discussion.

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Views Read View source View history. Sera must be in crippling debt.

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This can be accomplished by scoring the lowest possible score at her Sera's Disco Quest or by selling her at least credits worth of drugs and mods. Visit Bizzy on Tavros in her apartment and accept her offer to let you enslave her for 3 years. Tittyblossom : Increases Breast Size. Bizzy Stage 5: Adult Entertainment Studio. Given Bizzy 5 doses of Tittyblossom to get her to stage 4 in viewership ratings on her cam-show.

Sera trials in tainted space wiki

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