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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews 1. This game is bad in practically every way imaginable, and I'd worry that I was judging a pre-release alpha, were this game not released at least a few years ago. I'm still slightly worried that the version ed here is a joke or that I got a uniquely broken version, it's that bad. You play as the troll king.

All you can do is punch, kick, and "tackle" the girl you're fighting, until they fall over - that's basically it, you can't even move. If the girl has been injured enough to lose their armour, you can do a rape move in the short window between them getting up and attacking you again, which is weirdly chivalrous considering the setting. Simple gameplay would be OK if there's any strategy. There isn't any. Sometimes princess running ryona girl might block your combo but there's no tells for this or alternate attacks. She just blocks sometimes. And sometimes she does attack you. This is a minor irritation at best, seeing as you seem to be immortal.

All this does is break the combo you need to knock her over then rape her. That might even be passable if the animation was good. It's princess running ryona. The animation is bad. Attacks and sex moves are stilted and stiff, and even when the game is running well see belowthe game rations frames like it was made during the blitz. The cumshots look awful. There's bugger all interstitial animations - bar the one for falling over, the girl warps all over the place, from ground, to standing, to mid-rape, to standing again.

The sex scenes aren't even particularly inventive. Despite the shit animation and lack of complexity, it runs like ass. At first I thought it was just the bad animation, but it seems to keep dropping framerate randomly. These drops are more effective than the girl's attempts at defence at fucking up your combo timing. The game also seems to frequently drop your inputs if it gets confused - more than a couple of times I was stuck frozen until the girl's attack brought the troll back to life.

This isn't an issue with my PC, as far as I can tell, unless the game is having some horrifying interaction with my relatively common and stable PC parts. The ryona elements are pretty poor.

The combined animation and performance problems means attacks don't really feel like they land. There only seems to be the one non-sex grapple attack which occurs after one specific combo, where the girl gets held by the head and punched a bit. Two of the sex animations seem in the ryona variety - one with the troll stepping on the girl's pussy, the other with her legs being stretched out like she's doing the splits - but are both pretty underwhelming.

Again, they're quite stiff, the girl doesn't really react or express much emotion, they're just bland. I'm not even sure these two moves actually hurt - She doesn't look like she's being stretched or pushed that far in either. The "Death blow" thing is also kinda disappointing - it just shuffles through a few attacks automatically which the girl can sometimes block or fight throughbefore doing a rape move, which it then cuts short to do a few more attacks.

There doesn't appear to be any actual "execution", if that's what you were hoping for. This "move" only really exists to show you just how jarring the lack of interstitials is. The art is maybe the best bit about the game, in that it's The troll sounds are comically off-putting. They sound like a bit-character in South Park.

The girl sounds are OK I guess but nothing special. Usually I wouldn't write a review for these sorts of gamesseeing as my preference is for female-protagonist stuff, but I gave this a try and hoped to find some decent ryona. Now I feel like I've got to stand here and ward people away from the game like I just found a body.

It's bad. Don't bother. I honestly had a better time jacking off to Tekken when I was like EDIT: Forgot to mention that there is a CG gallery unlocked from the start, so at least you don't have to bother with the bad gameplay, but I'm not certain it actually shows the "cumming" section of the animation? It doesn't visually change that much, except for sometimes providing a smoother animation than the sex loop, and doing the orgasm at the end.

The gallery closes when you press any button so I don't think you can activate the cum phase yourself when you're in there. Showing all items. Top Bottom.

Princess running ryona

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