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Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Price for Freedom: Avarice. Thread starter deck Start date Dec 21, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Dec 21, 6 3 Next update infos HERE.

Last edited: Jan 4, Reactions: blargballs and CleansingFire. CleansingFire Well-Known Member. Aug 27, Great news! Congratulations for the launch! So, there will be no Lady Wolf in this one, right? Not that I'm complaining, looking at that elf CleansingFire said:.

Click to expand Woider Well-Known Member. Aug 26, 4, 24 Denmark. So is this gonna be a permanent Alpha, because I don't many smut-games outside of barebones VNs ever finishing. Or are people actually working full-time and salaried on the project? We started the game mid October and implemented most of the systems already. So we can now focus on the lore and smut.

As for the amount of time we spend on it, it will obviously depend on the funding. The ultimate goal is full time, but isn't that the dream of every game dev? Ethereal Dragon Well-Known Member. Aug 28, 2, I'm behind on that comic, gonna need to go and catch up on it at some point.

Kallutoceleste Member. Oct 25, 13 0. I love this. I get that its a tech demo and that's maybe why I felt the writing was a little clunky, exposition heavy etc, but the art is already killer. Some of the best I've seen. Three thumbs up.

Blaidd32 Member. Apr 13, 8 5. The artwork is pretty nice and I like the dialogue-heavy approach of the Baldur's Gate era. However, there was very little meaningful choice within the tech demo.

No character customization, no alternate dialogue trees, no influence on how the sex scene played out. I am curious as for how much player agency there will be in the actual game. AnonBacon Active Member. May 19, 39 A few things I noticed: Text is hard to read at points. I sometimes mix up options and what is being said Guards at gate were not actually at the gate. They were about five feet to the left of it. Combat Which I know you guys didn't have much time to work on needs ways to know what each option does and wtf is going on inside it. Unlike the poster, I dont feel like character customization is needed but I do feel like a few things need to be clarified.

What are the pairings inside the game? Will male be the only option for pc Sorry, just that sexual preferences do kinda play a big part in trying to get off in a H-game? There isn't really a road-map and a lot is left unclear atm. Thanks for the feedback, it is really appreciated. Kallutoceleste said:. Blaidd32 said:. AnonBacon said:.

A few things I noticed: What are the pairings inside the game? Thanks for all the info! Looking forward to where this will go. And great job at taking it slow! A lot of game-developers on this forum tend to spread themselves too much. But yeah. Best wishes. Jash Well-Known Member. Oct 8, Ooh, snektits! Right, so we released our first patreon build two days ago, which include the snek lady mentioned earlier.

If you are not into patreon, we plan on releasing a public build later, possibly next month. Another month worth of updates, this time introducing Aya the monster hunter, and Verona the kitchen maiden, with their respective quests. As well as a bunch of other features. Valaska Active Member.

Feb 18, 30 13 32 Canada www. I'll give this a shot up in here. Reactions: Miscellaneous Forum Viewer and blargballs. Apr 6, The comic seems cool, and so does the parts of this project I've seen. If I were financially capable of supporting further I would, but I'm broke. I only played the public part but even with just that, I can tell that if you actually complete this project, it'll be quite popular. Reactions: Valaska.

Miscellaneous Forum Viewer said:. Patron Build 3 has just hit our Patrons with a public update to follow in a week or so! Reactions: blargballs. Sep 6, Really fun game looking forward to seeing more. I do have one question though: It seems we will be able to customize our character in the beginning of the game.

My question is to what extent? Will we always be an elf or can we choose a different race? Nnxx Well-Known Member. Feb 3, 26 somewhere in Belgium. Alright, I've just discovered that a Price for freedom game was made, damn, I absolutely love the comic that is ongoing so I was really happily surprised to discover the game, I'll take a look at the patreon build next month. Nnxx said:. Nailah vs Terri wrapped up!

Nailah was the clear winner this time around, she was almost in the last update too but lost out by about three votes. This time we are mixing it up a bit, we in the dev's couldn't honestly decide which of these foreplays were our favourite so right now if you're a patron you get to vote and for the first time affect the scene you'll get to see in the game.

Thigh job was my favourite due to the transition in the scene that will come up. But can't deny Nailah's freaky feets are interesting! Our 4th Patreon Build is live! This comes with several content additions and QOL changes. Her first pass dialogue has been implemented, there will be a lot more to come with the Jackal girl. Context Menu Portrait Builder Cross Dialogue References Quest Objectives This is an extremely powerful tool which may allow people to make their own mods and content for Avarice post-launch.

We will be exploring the possibility of more tools and assets. It may not seem like the biggest deal but this really is part of legitimatizing and making our team a formal entity. It has been very busy so I am just going to copy paste our general patch notes.

Characters are now traveling the city. Although this is still primitive, more advanced behaviours will be added soon to bring life to the city. Even if their interfaces is still in price for freedom patreon key placeholder state. Another notable change is the new cheats options menu, which allow to access some game breaking settings obviously not recommended.

Changelog: Hera 2 part quest, portrait, animated sprite and smutting. New AI system allowing NPC crowd to walk around town and do tasks, chat, buy, move objects, patrol, travel New Alchemy shop location in the trade district.

Price for freedom patreon key

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