Pokkaloh guide

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The game is too hard… what am I doing wrong? You should go to the bar and ask Dolores for some tips. How to play the game in hard mode? What are the other bonus codes?

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You can check them here. Who are the people I can woo? How can I get rubies?

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Ask the customers of the resort once you have built it. How can I import a save from another version? How can I get cotton? Lu-xie gives you cotton seeds once she sets up on the island. Also, Lily can give you some from time to time. Can I load a savegame from a version? No need to restart the whole game at each new version.

How can I get feathers?

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In version 0. What are the cheats available in the patreon version? Possibility to gain items, to win SP, to increase relation with girls and to gain XP in every skills. Where can I download the game to play offline? The easiest way is to check my post on LegendOfKrystal forum. Will you release patreon exclusives HD pictures, animations… once the game is finished? How can I skip time? You can take a nap in your bed. You just have to wake up before 2a.

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Where does the name Pokkaloh comes from? What are the differences between the fairies? Green fairy collects resources. Orange fairy collects fruits. How can I get eggs?

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Once Lily ask you to build a barn, build it then talk to Lily then talk to Sierra to get a hen then sleep then talk to the hen. Venusia spend a lot of time inside her room. So the best is too wait for her to go in the command center or something. IIRC, if you never saw Venusia, you need to go to the south of the island, then you need to build a bridge to the artificial island and finally you need to repair the teleporter by using plasma rubies. Here are two solutions : Solution pokkaloh guide : Download this file and put it in the same folder as the game. Then open it with your web browser.

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Solution 2 : Launch Flash Player Projector which you can download on this. And open the game file with it. Is the game finished? No need to restart the whole game at each new version ; How can I get feathers? What engine did you use to make the game?

Pokkaloh guide

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