Pokemon sweet version cheat codes

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Looking for something else? Check out the complete list here. Yes, it's playable to the ending but there may be bugfixes in the future. Honestly, I have no idea.

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You may want to try asking in the Pokecommunity thread linked above. The Zippyshare link was actually a Mediafire one all along; I named it wrong for some reason. Is there any reason you didn't use the Google Drive link? Found a soft lock in the gym with the invisible maze where you can get cornered and never escape by the 2 chefs. Hope you fix this in the future. Correction, the whole gym is a huge soft lock.

That includes you nuzlocke players even though you would hate it. I am not making Pokemon Lunar personally, but I will add it here when it comes out. I watched King Nappy play this and it looks awesome, but I don't know anything about installing rom hacks. There's an FAQ on this site which might be helpful if you're playing a rom hack for the first time. You can play hacks on pretty much any os, so you could always play it on your phone Android using an emulator from the Play Store.

If on Windows, google "visual boy advance" and go to the emulator-zone site and download the 1. Sweet 2th you can download from here.

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It's just a. You only run it with your emulator, and not by itself, so it's pretty safe I think. Is this updated bc i had this ROM for a while or are you just putting it up on the site. Can u find someway to post the locations to all the mega sweets because I'm looking for the strawberry one and I can't find And and i know u can get it from the gen 3 character but they don't spawn and I need it to complete the game Sorry, I'm not sure. I've messaged the creator, but it looks like he hasn't come online in a week.

You can always ask yourself on the Pokecommunity. I'm in tiragrotta cave and when I get to the rock smash rock I get an error code that says "jumped to invalid addressAEFE". I updated the patch, game and my emulator but am still getting the same error message. Anyone else getting this? What did you do to fix it? Since no one else experienced this, I'm guessing the problem is with the emulator.

Which one are you using? Maybe try using a different one. If that still doesn't help, send me your.

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Also, at the end of the above post, there's a link to the Pokecommunity thread. While the creator hasn't logged in for a couple of weeks, somebody else might be able to help. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has a location list for all the pokesweets there are plenty I have not seen nor even found that trainers have had. Any help appreciated.

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I don't believe a location list exists. You can try asking on the Pokecommunity. Is there an official website for this game? Or a completed pokedex I can look at? This game is really fun so far, and I just started yesterday! The Pokecommunity linked above is the official place for this hack. I don't think a complete Pokedex list was ever released, but I found thiswhich was submitted by a fan. Are you sure the emulator is not fast-forwarding?

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Which emulator are you using? Sorry, I haven't played this and I couldn't find much info. Either try asking on the Pokecommunity thread or watching a walkthrough on Youtube.

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Hey Knuckle San, the bugfix by hacksrepairman got updated to fix a glitch. Hey Knuckle San, more bugs were fixed. I haven't played this so i couldn't tell you. You'll get a faster response asking on the Pokecommunity thread.

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Pokemon sweet version cheat codes

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