Peaches untold adventure

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Mario is missing peach's untold tale! Do you ever wonder what Princess Peach is into, sexually? While everyone else is engaging in hypothetical discussion of video game perversion, one dude is quietly hiding his boner. Based incredibly loosely on Mario Is Missing, this free game combines platforming action with some RPG elements, and a ton of dirty sex animations.

The title menu features Princess Peach with her titties out, feeling her own nipples and snatch. Birdo is right behind her, doing the same to her reptilian jugs. There are goombas walking around with little red boners, which I guess is to be expected in a situation like this. The game lets you start a Normal or Hard game. You can also choose Krystal from Starfox. All of them are fully nude and have big titties, the art striking a good balance between cartoonish and sexy.

The actual game opens with an animated introduction telling you the story so far. It turns out Daisy was always quite the slut, giving in to pubescent urges and getting freaky with an untold of To. These fuckers jizz not only all over the Princess, but her nice bed as well. Combined with the audio enhancement, it really gives you the feel of playing a Super Mario game with a peaches untold adventure hard-on. The first level is really simple. There are no real platforming elements, just some basic RPG and really kinky sex simulation. You come up to Mario on a train, and then you service him sexually.

One of the first things you actually do in the game is decide to suck his balls, prepare your ass for him, sit on him, kneel while he fucks your ass, or go away. I chose the ball-sucking option. The princess gets down on her knees and starts jerking him off first. I expected a different animation for each of the sex acts I chose from, but it looks like each option has a of animations that go with it. She says some dirty peaches untold adventure, slides some cock down her throat, and then you click through to the next sex act and line of dialog. By the end of our little interaction, the Princess was just covered in cum.

These animations make up some of the primary sexual content of the game. You can take almost everything off her except the semen. There are some controls to adjust her Boob, Belly, and Ass Size, but the size changes are just for the showroom. I might have let Daisy keep some clothes on if I had known the game was just about to unleash her on the map to walk around, alone, exposed, and covered in jizz. Poor Mario was always finding out she was in another castle, and he knew exactly what she was doing there!

I was able to avoid being hurt by the koopa troopas by sucking their dicks, but those goombas were some fucky little jerks! Hit CTRL for the menu at any time. The platforming is well done, for the most part. That kind of nuanced twitch gameplay puts it a step above a ton of shitty Flash-based platformers. The weakest link I found in the platforming gameplay was the camera.

Hey, we all deserve our own type of fireworks. The game is surprisingly deep for what is essentially a vehicle for freaky Super Mario sex scenes. I have a hell of a lot more characters to fuck. The game put its creator on the map as a respected porn game developer, and continues to earn the masturbatory attention of neckbeards and general perverts around the world. P gamcore. Peach's Untold Tale P gamcore.

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Peaches untold adventure

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