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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Ryahn Start date Sep 16, 2dcg animated female protagonist lesbian masturbation multiple protagonist oral sex sex toys titfuck vaginal sex. First Prev 2 of 5 Go to. Dec 14, 35 Female protagonist tag? Avaron Devoted Member. Aug 22, negligee dharker, 53, DLSmaster said:. If anyone is wondering, this game isn't a prequel to the first, there was " suppose " to be a sequel to the first, but it got scraped, this is just a retelling and a remake of the first.

Reactions: Deleted member Aug 12, I see there's an artbook in the deluxe edition. What's in it? Anything worth seeing? MaskedAcc Newbie. Feb 25, 36 Holy shit, visible dick in a Dharker Studios game? I feel like that might be a first. Ignazzio Well-Known Member Donor. May 8, 2, 2, Mediocre or even below mediocre eroge but for the sole reason it's a first erotic title on Steam it deserves a try.

Ryahn Why there is no link to Steam? Patreon is not the only way to support devs: You must be registered to see the links. Reactions: StJesuz and Wicked DLSmaster Active Member. Aug 25, Avaron said:. You must be registered to see the links. You're wrong mate this is a prequel to Negligee. May 4, 57 I like this.

Nice artwork. Negligee dharker potential.

Trying hard to ignore the entire Prequel, sequel, er fill here Quel argument. Was there a point or just epeening? Reactions: GuyInDogSuit. Jun 20, I thought this series was supposed to be lesbian only.

Jun 23, 1, 42, Thought it was gonna be softcore only. Suprised Steam allowed this. KekKoo Active Member. Apr 4, Caladcholg said:. In the first part you need to "reject" Chris then in the second part to accept him and in the end hesitate.

I guess I could.

Jul 22, Ryahn said:. Ya, I was a little surprised. But hey, I could make a make version of it. Aug 17, 1 0. Michael Bauer Newbie. May 3, 33 8. What's the main difference between deluxe and standard version?

Ryahn United Weebs of Thrownaway Staff member. Game Compressor. Jul 5, 4, 24, Michael Bauer said:. Deneuve Newbie. Aug 6, 80 I knew that art looked familiar, it's the same one who did HuniePop. Deneuve said:. Sep 29, Looks awesome, any chance for a Mac Build? Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Negligee dharker

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