Naturist games

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Being a naturist is another name for being a nudist. This is a very free, natural lifestyle. If you are a naturist and you have raised your family in this life, you may wonder what naturist activities you can do with your family--and there are many. Any activity you can do clothed you can do nude. However, take care that you practice your naturist beliefs in safe environments where you will not be persecuted by the law.

Naturists can play sports games with their families. If your family has a favourite sport, like basketball, get a pickup game going between you. If you know other naturist families, you can invite them to your game and play family against family.

Since your body is more exposed, make sure to play games that are safe sans naturist games and protection. For example, games like baseball which require cups may not be the best game to play. You can have races amongst your family, or between your family and another one or two. Naturists like doing things related to nature so make the relay include things like tree climbing, swimming, running and other things that involve the nature that is around you. You can have smaller races amongst your family as well. If your family is older and you all enjoy bike riding, you can participate the in naturist bike rides in San Francisco, Europe or the United Kingdom.

Limbo is a fun party game that naturist families can play together. This does not require many people; however, the more people you have, the more challenging it will be.

To play limbo, one person holds a pole and everyone else has to go underneath it, stomach facing up. You are not allowed to duck under the pole. Music is often played while doing the limbo. This is great for small kids especially because they are the smallest and have a good chance at winning.

Naturist games

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