My little pony sex fanfic

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Twilight sat in under a tree reading a book about Myths. She wore blue shorts and a white short-sleeve shirt when she came across Nightmare Moon's entry. Was defeated by Princess Celestia, who banished her to the moon I read something about a mare like that Sorry," Twilight apoligized, backing away from them once she passed. The mare sighed and looked at Moondancer. The second mare giggled. I don't think this party would be for her Twilight burst through the Library doors and looked around for her dragon helper.

Twilight tilted her head and closed the door, finding the little dragon rubbing his nose. Twi sighed, slightly disgusted.

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But, yes. Sex is one of the things she demanded. However, Princess Celestia was able to defeat her and trap her in the moon. I can't find the book He then slid down and walked over to her. Twilight frowned and took the book. The one that happens tonight She's the princess," said Twilight with a smile. Just then Spike burped out a flame and a letter appeared.

He quickly grabbed it out of the air and read it, chuckling lightly. Twi tilted her head and took the letter, reading it. She wants me to ignore it and go to Ponyville to check up on preparations for the Summer Sun Festival? Twilight sighed and nodded. I guess I should go get ready Spike suddenly blushed hard at the thought of Twilight in the shower. He then quickly tried to think of something else when he felt his dragon rod start to get hard.

Twi entered one of the Canterlot Castle bathrooms and unclothed herself, setting her casual clothes on the sink. Afterwards, she went to the shower and turned the faucet to the warm position. That feels nice Outside the bathroom door, Spike peeked in and gasped softly.

He looked over Twi's body; her breasts, her stomach, her ass, her feet He wished he could get closer and touch her but knew she'd most likely call him a perv and maybe even kick him out of her home. Having these thoughts in mind, he just kept jerking it, letting out soft pants. H-Hey, Twilight How are you? The little dragon tried to my little pony sex fanfic up with an excuse but couldn't.

But, only because I--" He was interrupted as he was pulled inside the bathroom before Twilight closed the door quickly. Spike nodded quickly. I-I think you look Twi smiled and knelt down in front of the young dragon. Well, I'd like to try some things out Will you be my partner?

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Twi giggled and reached out, lightly feeling the dragon's rod. Feels nice in my hand And, it's rock solid The mare smiled and stroked the rod a little faster. Do you feel like releasing your sperm again? Spike panted. Wh-Why'd you stop? And, you already orgasmed on my foot so I don't want to test my luck Your tongue is long! Spike closed his eyes and placed his hands on Twi's hips as he licked around inside her, enjoying her taste. The mare's juices were delicious and he wanted more, so he buried his small dragon snout into the slit and received a blast of Twi's sweet scent.

He almost came from that alone as he licked deeper. Twilight bit her lip and moaned a little louder, clearly close to an orgasm when she gently pushed Spike away. We do it together But, first Spike shuddered and exhaled.

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Not bad, Spike Spike gasped and placed his hands on Twi's head and moaned. Your mouth feels amazing! S-So warm And, your tongue! Twilight smiled as she watched him while bobbing her head. She wasn't used to giving a blowjob so hearing that her first one made her first pertner happy also made herself happy as well. So, she kept sucking the tiny dragon meat while enjoying listening to his moans of enjoyment. After a bit more bobbing when Spike felt close once more, Twilight pulled away again. Twi giggled my little pony sex fanfic sat on her butt, spreading her legs.

Grand finale. Stick it in. Twilight nodded. I already broke my hymen when I tried using a pencil during one of my study sessions Spike tilted his head, not really understanding since he wasn't familiar with the body's anatomy. After taking a deep breath he pushed his tiny dragon dick inside, letting out a moan. This is even better than your mouth Twi panted and grabbed his butt before rocking her hips.

The little dragon nodded and moved his hips as instructed, letting out more moans as he found a steady rhythm. Twi laid on her back and rubbed the dragon's butt, letting out soft moans at the feeling of the small meat inside her. And, sure, it was small, but it still felt amazing to Twilight seeing as how it was her first real cock.

Spike grunted loudly and finally shot his load. This one was bigger than the first since it had been built up three times. After the two had orgasmed, Twi slid back off Spike's rod and grabbed it. She then leaned in and started licking it clean.

The little dragon shuddered and gasped. It's sensitive The mare smiled and made a messy sucking noise before pulling away.

My little pony sex fanfic

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