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Something about the light from a campfire that brings out the romantic in everyone: Maddie was no different. It was still a warm night, still wearing her bikini but her oversized knitted shawl over it sipping her beer. They could hear the people from the lodge further up the road, but generally, they were alone and quiet. Josh had to laugh. You are kind of hot sis! Maddie was a little drunk and very horny. Maddie was not that drunk but enjoyed the excuse of asking him naughty questions.

Maddie stood up, grabbing her towel and wrapped it around herself; he watched as she reached under it untied her bra and thong pulled it out from under the towel with a flourish. Maddie grabbed her phone giggling she ran around the cabin up the road. The lights from the lodge illuminating the way, trying to keep her towel closed whilst laughing. She got to the looking around, still smiling out of breath and held the phone up to take a selfie.

Her shirt tied, showing a dragon tattoo down her forearm. It was a moms nude tumblr and made her pussy throb. She watched as Izzy did something to her phone. Maddie grabbed the phone and started running back. She ran until she was clear of the lodge. Josh was grinning when she returned, holding his phone. Who took the picture? Oh my God! Josh looked at her and stood up. Josh sighed, his bulge was obvious, he was turned on thinking about it, and he did want to relieve himself. He looked at Maddie and reached his fingers into his shorts before pushing them down over his hard cock springing to view.

His hand grabbed his shaft, and looking at her, began to stroke himself. It was the hottest thing she had seen; her pussy was melting, her insides in turmoil wanting him lustfully. Her phone beeped in her hand; she looked at the message. Josh stared at, Maddie his cock hard. She stood up and let the towel drop to the floor, revealing her luscious naked curves. Biting her lip, she squeezed her breast, running a thumb over her nipple and moaned stepping forward, closer now she reached her hand out and wrapped her fingers over his. He felt him shudder, he was about to say something, but Maddie placed her finger on his lips silencing him.

Looking into his eyes, she slowly dropped to her knees, facing his cock, pulling his hand away, she opened her mouth and sucked him with moms nude tumblr moan. She had about three or four inches of his shaft in her mouth, and her hand still had a few inches to stroke him. Her moms nude tumblr dripped, tingling at such a taboo moment sucking his cock.

She bounced her head up and down his shaft hearing him grunt and sigh. Izzy crept into the shadows; she watched just out of sight; her hand pressed inside her cut-off jean shorts rubbing her pussy. She smiled at Josh undoing her shirt, revealing her naked breasts before walking up to them.

She looked down at Maddie, placing her hand at the back of her head and pushing her onto her Stepbrothers cock, making her take more into her mouth. His moans silenced as Izzy kissed him, her mouth passionately seeking his as she pressed her tits against his bare chest.

Maddie felt his cock getting bigger, throbbing more in her sucking wet mouth. Izzy smiled glancing down at Maddie and then to Josh. The first hard pulse of cum shooting down her throat, followed by two more blasts filling her cheeks.

She gobbled his cum moaning herself, tasting him. Maddie opened her mouth; Josh looked too, his cock still hard seeing her messy cum filled mouth. Izzy dropped to her knees, pushing Maddie on her back and kissing her cum filled mouth sharing the spoils as Josh sat in moms nude tumblr chair and watched. The first time she had kissed a woman, let alone being felt up by one. Her fingers deftly found her wet hole and began to finger her, Maddie moaned and writhed in pleasure.

She kissed down her body and then with a smile looking into her eyes, she licked her pussy. Izzy licked and teased her pussy, still fingering her. Josh watched his cock hard as he stroked himself. Shaking, wildly her pussy throbbing. She felt his cock nudging her pussy, lost in lust, not thinking of the consequences she reached down, grabbed his shaft and pulled him inside her. Josh grunted sinking into her warm wet pussy. Josh was just sliding in and out, Maddie needed more. Josh slammed his big cock deeper into her hole, stretching her pussy.

She could feel every inch of him sliding inside her, touching places other cocks had never been, the feeling of him was amazing. She fucked him back, his rhythm hard and fast pounding her hole gasping and moaning his name, urging him on. She laid down next to her, kissing her gasping mouth before spreading her legs and shoving her face first into her aroused pussy. Josh pounded her, aroused at the turn of events. How turned on she was watching them fuck.

Maddie looked up at her. His cock throbbed, pulsing his cum right into her moms nude tumblr flooding her. Maddie came too, shaking and moaning. Collapsing as Josh pulled out, leaving her pussy a messy hole. Maddie rolled over, looking at Josh who stared at her naked body wide-eyed and looked down between her legs seeing his cum trickling out of her. Are you on the pill? Maddie gave Josh a look. Maddie why did you tell me to cum in you? She lifted her bum towards Josh. Josh was hard again watching Maddie moan. Maddie smiled knowing it was going to be a great weekend.

With time mom and I had become really good at doing our thing without dad having the slightest clue of what was going on.

A couple of times I even fucked mom on their bed with dad literally laying next to us passed out drunk. I must admit that was a little too much I did it on a dare from mom. I grabbed her and kissed her wildly and accepted her dare with the condition that she let me videotape the whole thing.

She smiled at me and said deal go grab your camera while I get out of these clothes and into some sexy lingerie. When mom finally came out of her walk in closet all dolled up in lingerie I was already waiting for her sitting on the edge of the bed. She walked up to me and I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her on top of my legs.

You look ravishing I said as I flipped the cups of her bra downwards revealing her beautiful firm tits. Are you ready to get fucked good and hard by your son Mrs. I said as she smiled and kissed me before replying yes baby mommy is ready and eager for that cock of yours. I then grabbed the remote control for my camera and pushed record I asked mom to make out with me for the camera and she was more than happy to do as I asked. I got on top of her and told her I was going to cum inside of her just that night. Sorry dad you really fucked up by neglecting mom and not taking care of business in the bedroom.

At this point Moms nude tumblr was beginning to feel sick. She knew. She had to know. It was obvious we were both uncomfortable but mom did her best to keep it together moms nude tumblr comfort my anxiety. How long have you been struggling with…well with being…in love….

Others told me to act on it if you were…well you were up for it. They said it might get it out of my system.

I love you and we will figure this out. She got up and went to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine…it was her defense mechanism. She always drank wine when she was nervous. My mother was actually considering allowing me to act on my desire for her. I knew this might be my only chance to feel my mother the way I wanted to…so I lied…. I felt moms nude tumblr penis starting to push against my pants. Do you understand son? She shook her head. Wear a coat.

Get a room. Just text me the. No, not even Mrs. Robinson would probably consider sleeping with her son. I waited in the room for an hour. I finally went down to the lobby, thinking maybe her phone died. I found her sitting at the bar drinking wine with a see through blouse. My penis and my heart jumped. She looked over quickly. Tossed some money on the bar and walked over to me quickly grabbing my hand. The elevator was slowly making its way to the 28th floor.

Mom turned to face me. She put her hand on moms nude tumblr face. Tonight, we just need to stop thinking about it. Tonight…I…I just hope this works baby. You are my only son and I was lucky to have even you. The elevator door opened on floor Mom took the key from me and lead us to room She opened the door and lead me inside.

My mother, the woman of my dreams, was standing naked in front of me. She moved forward and sat down next to me on the bed. She ran her fingers through my hair then slowly pulled her lips to mine. I felt her soft tongue slide into my mouth as she guided my hand to her breast and then to her vagina. At this point my pants were ripping at the seams.

Mom then unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and in one fell swoop removed my pants and my boxers exposing my hard penis staring her right in the face. You can ruin these things with too much talking. Lesson one. We got the room for the whole night.

Moms nude tumblr

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