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My love of MLP has been invaded by my love of futanari! Be warned. As with many of my stories, it features a character suddenly growing a penis. In my stories, futa do not always take NO for an answer. And the very end?

Its all so weird C: Please ma'am, may I have some more? Looks like Fluttershy's up next for Twilight, and Futaloo is definitely something to look forward to as well. If you do write more, are you going to just post mlp futa stories to the same story? It'd make it easier to track. Otherwise, I'll probably spot it on FP first like I did this time. I might also suggest submitting it to the Clopfics and Futaquestria groups for more exposure.

Okay, many people disliked my comment. I just want to know what if Soarin' finds out that the newly crowned alicorn Princess raped the Element of Loyalty aka her one of her best friends in the sky that nopony ever saw that they're mating in the sky? Sky sex ual intercourse seems a bit awkward. Shit's about to get real. Wow, I never got death threats because of one of my stories before! Thanks Scygnus! In my stories, if someone grows a penis, it's every girl head for the hills!

Did you see the mayhem over at FP when I posted my first "Dryden" story? This is nothing compared to that. I must say though. Nobody at FP threatened to kill me with a shotgun before. That's an exciting first!

Please stop littering my story's comment section with your little military role play. I wasn't going to delete any negative comments, but you forced me to by posting a string of nonsense that has nothing at all to do with the story I wrote. If you don't like it, please feel free to post criticism about why. Writing things like you want to raise and army to kill me, isn't criticism of the story.

Oddly enough, the story is being very well received on the non-pony story sites I posted it on. Delete the reply to your mlp futa stories cuz you dont like it. That says alot about you. I like this. I've read some of your other work before, glad to see your style hasn't changed much, it's something I've always enjoyed.

I want to apologize for the people who feel the need to clutter up your comments section with death threats and childish behavior. Of course I deleted it. It had absolutely nothing to do with my story. This isn't the role playing thread. Loved this story on Futanari Palace. Loved it here. I guess now you could say she's a Wow, those comments got real stupid real fast. I'm going to read this because Futatwi is nest Twi. That said, rape is most definitely not my fetish. Once more into the fray I go. Have a pleasant day. Gotta say, I'm not cool with the rape scenario.

But other than that I'd say this story is pretty good. Big fan of futa, and this looks like it could get interesting if you decide to continue it. But hopefully with less rape. A lot less.

Like no more rape at all would be nice. Tho Mlp futa stories still not a big fan of it either, yours at least was a decent read and not the over the top nonsense that some other stories contain. So Scootaloo gets to buck her friends while Fluttershy demands Twilight to buck her good. I really wonder if alicorn seed can impregnate other pony's. Yes, I know, just a clopfic, but that's no excuse for doing badly with the filler and excuse plot.

Frankly, I think that the "filler" I wrote worked quite well. People complained about Rainbow being forced into it, but you are the first to just come along and say it's poorly written. I stand by the story, and am proud to say I think I did a good job. One last thing. I bet there are people who will be glad to hear that I'm well into part two. Here's something hysterical that was just brought to my attention. At least one person who read my story has told me via PM, that he doesn't like or read clop ever, and then informed me that he didn't like my story! What did he expect? From what he told me, he actually skipped over the smut and just read the non-sexual parts.

Why in the world would someone decide to read something when they know before they even get to the first word that they won't like it?

Is it me, or is that stupid? You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you You're so vain, I'll bet you think this post is about you Don't you? Don't You? Twilight would NOT force her friend like that - and if you're going to write a scene like that. Tell me what it says under my Kim Possible avatar picture. Aside from that, these comments are chock full of people talking about Rainbow Dash getting raped. Lastly, I say that if Princess Twilight was suddenly saddled with a penis, instead of it gradually growing like it was supposed to, The Futanari Alicorn would have serious self control problems!

You said "every fic I've read that involves forced participation" You admit to reading them, and now mlp futa stories going to pretend that mine somehow hurt your feelings? That's pretty funny! I added a warning since so many people were getting butt-hurt over the story! Sheesh, it astounds me that people will readily read a story about a mare growing a penis and be okay with it, but then get all bent out of shape because it wasn't all full of romance, flowers and candy! Besides, Rainbow did say that the winner gets to make the loser do whatever she wants! I write under the name of Honey Moon.

A constant theme in my stories is futanari forcibly taking what they want. In certain circles they've become VERY popular! Anypony that's curious, just PM me and I'll supply links to where my non-pony, non-fanfic, mlp futa stories original stories are posted. Take a look at the right of my story synopsis.

When I look for a warning like the one you've thankfully put in your summary, I don't look at a writers bio, I look at the summary - where the warning belongs.

You said "every fic I've read that involves forced participation" You admit to reading them. I may read them - hell go take a look at the opening chapter to "Mutual Rescue" I even write hints at it happening. The reason I was as put off as I was is simple. I was looking forward to reading a nice romantic fic As tagged!

I do that with other fics that deal with non-con and skip to the story itself of dealing with the aftermath etc. Problems yes. But I can not believe that Twilight would go that far, sorry but that's my personal opinion.

Where did I say you'd hurt my feelings? All I asked wasthat you put a warning in the summary Thank you for doing that by the way. Nope, I don't know about the others, but I complained because there will be people who will read your fic and will be upset at the content etc. At least if you've got the warning in an obvious place - not a little dialogue box mlp futa stories the side - people will know in advance and have the choice to continue reading. The little fillies comment was not actually aimed at you. There are a couple of users who know it's aimed at them. I liked this quote. Would you write a movie review after skipping most of the film?

You like to be harsh with your answers dontcha? Sorry, maybe that was a bit strong. I've been having PM arguments about my story with a couple of users. I posted it on a third just today, but it hasn't appeared on site yet.

All the negative feedback is coming from here.

Mlp futa stories

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