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If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this. Otherwise, you should close this and view another. The tenacious and proud Turid was abandoned as a baby by the doorstep of an orphanage in a small village located at Lofoten, Norway, along with a Runegreipr and a spell tome with tentacle-like inia as only le to her birth family. As both items gave away her nature as from the shady magical family, her fellow orphans were afraid of her, and her caretakers made poor efforts to give her proper affection. Having enough of her poor life there, the year old Thurid fled the orphanage in hopes of starting anew, but not before taking her runegreipr and spell tome with her.

Although her gift of magic provided her all she needed to survive on her own in the forest not far from her former home she even built a small hut for herselfit didn't make her life there an easy one.

In addition of occasional encounters with wild animals and other beasts, Turid had recurring run-ins with a group of highwaymen who made the same forest their hideout. Said group even attempted to sexually assault her while she was sleeping one night, a foolish mistake that costed them their lives — little did they knew how horrors in the wilderness hardened her and taught her to be a formidable survivalist. In the aftermath of such close call, Turid's luck changed when she stumbled upon a necklace which inia matching that of her cherished spell tome among their loots.

With a new lead to the identity of her birth parents, she decided to pack up and begin her journey to find them. The search for her birth family brought Turid to an old manor inhabited by a young woman named Solveig who lived there by herself. That was when she learned that they were last members of House of Kraken, the once prestigious magical family renowned for their success in vanquishing the namesake legendary sea monster in the past.

The family had long reduced into a shadow of its former self through generations of inbreeding coupled with its irresponsible members squandered much of their fortune and sold little witch academia lesbian their priceless artifacts. What made the revelation even more tragic was its surviving members were about to kill each other over the ownership of Heart of Krakenthe family's greatest heirloom, by the time Turid was born, thus prompting her mother to send her away as means to spare her from the madness that destroyed them.

After revealing herself to be Turid's older sister and cousin, Solveig concluded her story by confessing that she killed their mother in a fit of rage upon learning what she had done but was unable find her little sister afterwards. Having anticipated that her sole remaining relative was going to kill her, Turid swiftly claimed the Heart and used its power to tear Solveig apart. In her despair over the deed and the fate of her birth family, Turid contemplated on committing suicide at the cliff near her home until Erik the Ageless stopped her.

Taking pity to the miserable young girl, he comforted her by assuring that her mother little witch academia lesbian loved her and that everything she did in her last moments was for her sake. Erik further stated that Turid's return being the proof of House of Kraken can rise once more but, she would need his guidance to achieve that goal in exchange of helping him reforming his cult, Naglfar. Inspirited by her newfound dream and purpose, Turid wholeheartedly accepted his proposal.

Turid's life upon ing Hall of Death Goddess Temple of Naglfar was ificantly improved, as she managed to make a couple of friends in stark contrast of at the orphanage where she was raised; the seemingly inept transgender witch Dusty who soon became her lover and the genius Birger. She also made rivals out of two ambitious homophobic Initiates, Skulk and Agram, who resented her presence in the Temple not only because of her talents won her Erik's favor to the point of becoming one of his favorites, but also out of disgust towards her romantic relationships with Dusty.

One night, the treacherous duo kidnapped Turid in a bid to rape her in the woods far from the Temple only to discover she already lifeless for some reasons. Before long, they heard Turid's voice mocking them in their mind — it's revealed that she was dying from hemophilia resulted from her family's generations of inbreeding by the time her mentor found her.

The same voice further revealed that she had foreseen their aforementioned plot as well as their plan to take over Hall of Death Goddess Temple through a coup, something that neither her nor Erik would allow. Suddenly, a bladed tentacle of pure magic castrated Agram followed by another that coiled around Skulk, both of which manifested from none other than Turid herself — her soul had been transferred into a better, clone body her mentor cultivated to save her life, and she deliberately left her original body as a bait to expose their treachery.

With that, the treacherous Initiates were punished by having their skin ripped from their bodies via. It is a warning against anyone who would dare to defile another. Many assumed her ruthlessness was stemmed from the anger she felt after the alleged gang-rape experiences at hands of highwaymen she encountered during her teenage years and later, her treacherous and homophobic rivals Skulk and Agram, but she and those closest to her knew better it was not her real edge Turid was conceived by BSoulstone after a conversation with his friends whose username being aztecgoth and Kattheindigowolf regarding a new character that served as Erik the Ageless' apprentice and future successor sometime between May and June in During her development, Turid's working name was intended to be y and the template of her physical appearance being Amity Blight, one of main characters in Disney's The Owl House whom little witch academia lesbian compared with Diana Cavendish.

However, he eventually scrapped it after discovering Amity's true, sympathetic nature as revealed in "Understanding Willow", episode 15 of the show, and chose Little Red Riding Hood in her Soul Hunter class from android card game Night of the Full Moon and one of random images found at Pinterest instead.

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Little witch academia lesbian

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