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She can use the gifts on her wedding night, during the honeymoon, and beyond. Although lingerie parties are arguably the most fun wedding-related pre-party a bride can have, they still require some planning in order to run smoothly and avoid any awkward moments.

This is an intimate party in more ways than one, so following proper etiquette is key. We consulted with party planning expert Maggie Rester to dish on everything you need to know to plan the perfect lingerie shower. Meet the Expert. Typically, the maid of honor will organize the lingerie shower. If not the maid of honor, it should be another close friend of the bride. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, it makes perfect sense to have the lingerie shower during the bachelorette party.

Include bra sizes, as well as panty and pajama lingerie games. You want the bride to feel comfortable opening and showing off her gifts. If the bride is very particular, she can register for specific lingerie from her favorite shop. Decide if it makes sense to combine the lingerie shower with the bachelorette, or if it should be a separate party. Lingerie games the time of day as well, whether that means a boozy brunch or a classy evening affair with cocktails and finger foods.

Avoid crowded restaurants or event spaces where you might receive leering looks from curious patrons and waitstaff. If the shower has a theme, let guests know if they should be buying certain items to fit that theme.

If there is a larger guest list, consider opening the shower to other gifts besides lingerie, like candles, perfume, bath and body products, and other romantic accessories. She can only have so many sets of push-up bras and lingerie games lingerie. Send invitations at least a month before the shower, making sure to include all important information like sizing, gift guides and preferences, and the theme, if any. If the event is separate from the bachelorette party, include an RSVP date as well. While some brides choose to open gifts from the bridal shower later on at home, opening gifts at a lingerie shower is half of the fun.

One of the most common lingerie shower games is having the bride guess which guest gave her what gift. You can also play lingerie shower bingo, or have all the guests write down their best bedroom tip and include it with their gift.

Jazz up the space with a fun banner or balloon garland, and have fun with it. Make a fun, kinky playlist to play while the bride opens her gifts. Stick to the theme, if you have one, but at the very least, serve finger foods like veggie trays, chips and dips, mini quiches, fruit trays, and other desserts. This is by no means necessary, but it might be a nice gesture to surprise guests with a gift bag. Purchase a multiple panty set and gift a pair of panties alongside a mini bottle of champagne and some chocolates to thank them for coming.

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Lingerie games

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