Leisure yacht game

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If you play Leisure Yacht 0. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can meet Marija Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday morning. A gift from the sea Going by the pool you can reach a lower deck and dive into the sea. Just ask her.

Caddy needs to train and will pay Michael to use him as a punching bag. Michael in this version of the game will never beat Caddy. Just talk to her to unlock the achievement. Attention to dialogue because you risk being killed by Visso. Do not try to blackmail Liana and do not tell her to be her special friend. Once you find the diary you can pretend to be her boyfriend since you know the name. Please put something. Attention to heights Tuesday and Saturday nights Maisie looks at the stars sitting on the edge of the yacht, she will invite Michael to sit next to her, Michael will have to refuse otherwise he will fall and he will die making the game end.

The stars of Maisie Maisie watches the stars on Wednesday evenings. She will allow you to be hugged if Michael proves to have a certain astronomical culture by answering the girl questions. She wants to have some fun, so Michael proposes himself to entertain her, but she says that it would be better to create a little atmosphere before doing anything. At this point Leisure yacht game will need to get a tuxedo and some champagne. Get beaten up by Camelia Wednesday or Sunday night Camelia is combat training in the pool.

She will challenge Michael, who can face it on Friday nights. Potions for winners Kaori will give a drug to Michael to help him win against Camelia. The drug will be sprinkled on the Camellia gloves found on Friday night.

Basic training Strength has to be more than Drunk Tuesday night Kate will be drunk in the dining room. The event will be unleashed only after talking to her.

I will forever be here for you. The boy will have to dive out of the yacht into the ocean. You can access the platform to dive in the sea from the pool. He can then bring the algae to Kaori even if these are not the algae he needs. Find the lithothamnion minervae These are the special algae that are used by Kaori to create a magic potion.

Michael will have to go back to his PC and take a course of 10 lessons for amateurs divers. Buy a scuba suit The diving suit is used to complete the achievement of the lithothamnion minervae.

Rookie scuba diver This achievement is also connected to that of the lithothamnion minervae. This is a course that Michael will have to do using his PC. There are 10 lessons and as for all online courses you can follow only one lesson a day.

The following week, when Camelia is wearing the gloves again, the drug will have its effect and it will weaken the girl slowing down her reflexes and making her weaker than Michael, who will have absolutely no hard times defeating her. Tux, Champagne and … When Michael finds the tuxe. Credit to DrunkRobot.

Leisure yacht game

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Leisure yacht (NSFW 18+)