Kingdom hearts 1.5 final mix walkthrough

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Click through one of the links below to get started. You can also find the Youtube Playlist for this series here. The first links here contain our guides for various aspects of the game including; TrinitiesAbilitiesDalmatiansand Synthesis. Our Abilities Guide for Kingdom Hearts 1. Sora learns different abilities at each level depending on your weapon choice in the Dive To The Heart Tutorial. You can use the chart here to gain a better understanding of the impacts of your choice. A list of the locations of every Trinity Mark in Kingdom Hearts 1.

This also contains how to reach them as well as what the reward is for each of the Trinity Marks. This is our Synthesis Guide. Here you can exchange materials you gather for various more powerful items. The most powerful weapons in the game are obtained by completing this. This is our guide to all the special Heartless that appear in Kingdom Hearts 1.

Most of these Heartless were added to the game in the Final Mix release, they are the only way to obtain some of the rarest Synthesis Materials in the game. Its first district is a safe harbor from the Heartless. Wonderland is our first true world to visit, this is the easiest of the starting worlds and highly recommended to be your first stop.

When we first visit only the Preliminary Cup is available. These are excellent ways to grind out some levels. Each cup also offers three trials; as a group, solo, and time trial.

Completing each version will unlock a skill, item, or ability for Sora. Completing the new cup will net Sora a nice new Combo Plus ability. As well as the ability to use Yellow Trinities. This will allow you to finally seal the Keyhole here at Olympus Coliseum as well.

The Hades Cup will unlock after you complete the second story visit to Hollow Bastion. This is a much larger competition than the tournaments and rewards some extremely powerful items for completing on Time Trial and Solo modes. Deep Jungle is home to Tarzan and the Gorillas. It is a large world with multiple points of interest. Agrabah is unlocked after our return trip to Traverse Town. Make sure to head there after completing the first three worlds.

Agrabah represents one of the difficulty spikes in the game. Some level grinding before heading here will make it easier. Be sure to come prepared! All the Torn items locations can be found here, as well as guides for each of the mini-games contained within the Acre Woods. This is also how you gain access to the Cheer Skill for Sora. Our next world to visit is Monstro. You can access Monstro by flying between Agrabah and either Halloween Town, or Atlantica until you are swallowed by a Whale.

After Monstro, head over to Atlantica. Atlantica is highly unique among the worlds of Kingdom Hearts, it sports a large amount of Heartless that are only found here, as well as a costume change for our trio of heroes. So be sure to visit the Acre Woods and complete the chapter before heading onto the next world, Halloween Town. The state of the worlds will change considerably after the events in Hollow Bastion play out. So this is a great time to make sure that you have collected and crafted many of the Synthesis items that are available.

Check out our Synthesis for more details coming soon. The final world for the game, here we finally confront the person behind it all and try to seal Kingdom Hearts. Table of Contents. Destiny Islands is the first world of the game and serves as an extension of the tutorial.

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Kingdom hearts 1.5 final mix walkthrough

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