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In fact, this is exactly what happened to me and it made me worry that the software could be harmful to my computer. I searched around the Web and posted on datahoarder forums asking if JDownloader was dangerous and I got a mixed response, so decided I would investigate for myself. The good news is that JDownloader is safe to use, however, there are a few caveats that I must point out. You need to be very careful about where you download the software from.

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If you download JDownloader from a dubious source then, of course, you risk your computer becoming infected with a virus. For a few years now, that official installer has contained adware and is sometimes flagged by Anti-Virus software for this reason.

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Old versions of Java are notorious as posing security threats due to their numerous vulnerabilities. A lot jdownloader review people have made the switch from Oracle Java to an open-source version of Java, myself included. If Java is already installed then the version should be returned, like this:. My research had led to the discovery that the official installers for Windows came bundled with Adware but because I had bypassed the installers and manually downloaded Java and the JDownloader JAR, I was fairly sure it was safe.

For those unaware, VirusTotal. They allow you to any file you suspect of being malicious and they scan it using dozens of different Anti-Virus and Internet Security products and share their with you. One feature of VirusTotal that I find particularly useful is the ability to see when any user first ed a copy of the file to them.

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As you can see from this image, VirusTotal reports zero hits when scanning jdownloader. I tend to use Kaspersky Internet Security on most of my systems. The update began and I was quite surprised when Kaspersky popped up saying it had found a potential virus and that the system needed disinfecting. This means that Kaspersky has been monitoring what the application has been doing in this case updating itself from the Internet and believes this activity is suspicious.

In other words, Kaspersky thinks that the software is doing something unusual, something that a virus would potentially try to do. This makes sense if you think about it because a virus would try to phone home, download paylo from the Internet and copy them to various places across the system. After this detection, I did a complete system scan with Kaspersky and another with MalwareBytes. Both scans came back clean, reporting no infections, so I believe in this case the detection of pdm:trojan:wingeneric within JDownloader was, in fact, a false jdownloader review a red herring, if you will.

Would JDownloader have then downloaded some malicious payload, once it had gained my trust? I decided an experiment was called for to help restore my faith that JDownloader was completely safe to use. A VM allows you to install an operating system and other software, keeping them completely isolated from your real computer. If a VM becomes infected with a virus for example, you can just delete the VM or revert it to an earlier state by using a snapshot.

Usually, at this point I would have installed Kaspersky, but for our experiment I wanted to allow JDownloader to have free-reign over the Jdownloader review without any security software blocking or monitoring it.

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I then downloaded the clean version of JDownloader as described earlier and launched it, Over the course of the next month, I closed and opened JDownloader a of times, adding downlo and entering my credentials for the premium cloud hosting services such as Mega. A couple of times I observed JDownloader perform an automatic update, this time unhindered by any Anti-Virus.

After a month of intense JDownloader use, the day had finally arrived to see what damage it had done to my VM. I installed the latest version of KAV Kaspersky Anti-Virusperformed a manual update to bring the engine and jdownloader review definitions up to date, and then ran a full scan. As the VM was fairly light-weight the full scan completed in around twenty minutes and as expected, no threats were detected.

So, after a month of using JDownloader on an unprotected system, allowing it to auto-update whenever it liked, there were no infections found. Although a little redundant after performing a full file-system scan, I decided to perform a selective scan of the JDownloader folder, here are the :.

I personally believe that JDownloader2 is safe to use and does not contain any malicious code. If you chose to ignore this advice and install JDownloader using the standard jdownloader review packages, then you run the risk of installing adware on your system. Hello, I need your help.

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Hi Andre, I just tried to download it from GitHub and it was fine so it may be an issue at your end. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Always been afraid of using these kind of software, I followed your tips and everything is running smoothly. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Run the installer and follow the instructions in the Wizard, leaving everything at its default. The JDownloader automatic update window. Leave this field empty.

Jdownloader review

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