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I have a deep need to alter a women and make them plastic. Contact me if you like the idea of carrying giant implants around.

On Kik and Snap addicted2implants too. I was gone for a while. Now I'm back. Deleted at 30K.

Fake tits, inflated butts, plastic surgery, and bimbos of all kinds. Posts Likes Following Submit a post Archive. Posting pics and vids of plastic positive girls that have transformed their bodies into perfectly enhanced sex dolls.

This blog is all about bolted on boobs, huge butts and pumped up lips — the bigger the better. Wannabe bimbo loser fuckslut Just a dumb loser girl dreaming of the perfect bimbo life. This is a place where I can be my worst self :. Pretty Little Objects I am a middle-aged Englishman who believes that women can chose to be whatever they want to be I just prefer it when they choose to be pretty little fucktoys.

That is the defininition of modern femininity.

Drop by for a chat especially if you are a former feminist. Topics: Objectification, bimbofication, race play, hard use. Addicted2implants I have a deep need to alter a women and make them plastic. Filler, botox and plastic How fake can you go?? DM me with your plastic goals. If you'd like one of your pictures removed just ask.

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Huge fake boobs tumblr

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