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Alex Morgan though I was cheering HARD for her to get a goal in the second half there.

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I learned back in HS that female soccer players were almost always hot They're probably the best looking of all female athletes, right behind volleyball players. Not if you include board sports: surfers and snowboarders particularly. I don't understand how so many of them can be so gorgeous--the statistical probability is off the charts! There are a lot of hot young golf chicks on the LPGA tour. Leagues like the WNBA need to learn from Golf, Tennis, and Soccer, that they need to get some attractive women in the league if they want anyone to watch.

The WNBA is mostly just scary looking women.

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Oh and Ali Krieger ain't bad either God damn I love soccer girls. That's the first goal she's given up in 5 games. I'll let it slide. Daniel Tosh would disagree with you. She has a great body and all, but her face is ehhhhh. Hope Solo is ridiculously hot. Posted by 10 years ago. That is all. Sort by: best.

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She's like a hot Debra Morgan. Holy Shit! Cannot unsee. Or is she an ugly Tricia Helfer?

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Kelley O'Hara is pretty cute, too. Continue this thread. It's all in the eyes with that one Don't forget girl's lacrosse! Heather Mitts ftw. She stops balls for a living, what's not hot about that. More posts from the sports community. Created Sep 17, Top posts july 6th Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Top.

Hope solo reddit

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Hope Solo Suspended Six Months For Comments Following Sweden Loss