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Yes, we like the cute and the cuddly.

But Tumblr has also risen to be a not-so-underground hub for porn and thirst traps of some pretty hot men. Of course, our tastes are even more varied than that. Everything from gaymers to comics to pop culture worship light up our likes and refresh our reblog posts into a cultivation of what makes up our culture. LGBT Webcomics frequently compiles tons of animated strips throughout the Tumblrsphere into one place. The works range from heartwarming coming-out tales to zombie apocalypses. That cheerleading challenge! The celebrity guests!

The cultural commentary that tackles serious issues that actually makes us think about our community! So, naturally, you need to send GIFs from the reality drag queen competition to your friends when shade needs to be thrown in response to them not being down to go to your favorite local gay bar for a viewing party. But we need to get our relationshipgoals from somewhere and keep our hearts warm. His name is Michael and he covers classical music on his violin. He even admits to shamelessly belting out the tune in the theatre during the credits. Being able to see the latest Zac Efron shirtless candids while checking out the latest Ariana Grande video is as sugary as a unicorn frappucino.

But Lesbian on Grindr may have us all beat. But this Tumblr is updated extremely frequently so you can always count on it for fresh meat and skin. Featured Video Hide. Advertisement Hide. Share this article.

Gay tumblr blogs

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