Fakku subscription cost

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Forums Random Post Reply. Helping Justify Subscription Pricing. XenotheWise Kinky Trap. As it is most likely known by all who are even remotely interested, the cost of a Fakku subscription is As people have pointed out, this is much more pricey than services like Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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Now, while I may be wrong in my coming assessments, I'd like to try and help explain why things cost what they are and assure you that you are not being ripped off for some scam on Fakku's part. Most credit card payment providers view adult services as "high risk", and thus impose higher service fees to the businesses utilizing them.

When you combine increased rates with substandard service, running an adult business becomes increasingly difficult.

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And that's what Fakku is. An "adult business". Comparing Fakku's prices to Crunchyroll's is stupid because they aren't competitors. Crunchyroll competes with other streaming sites, and its pricing will alter as that business model does. Fakku is competing with other pornographic sites, and as such its pricing will alter as that business model does. You should be comparing Fakku's prices to other adult content providers. Additionally, beyond just the difficulty of making the business model work in the first place, Fakku is now dealing with artists for publishing deals, and has to have money to do these things.

For them to obtain new artists and magazines for their subscription, Fakku itself will be paying serious cash.

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Fakku is spending more money than ever to make this happen, and guess what? All ad revenue is gone. Subscription pricing is to keep Fakku afloat, not make YOU happy. In all honestly, Fakku could get away with charging more! So keep in mind when you complain about the price Fakku is losing more than you are financially by taking this step to legalize hentai manga. Alphalicious The Omegalicious. Too bad people never get it due to the bad standard that porn is free. We ourselves were a part of that before. Its hard to touch people's morality and decency on a porn site. This justification was accurate.

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The market was also a big matter on this business. I'm just curious, what was the average monthly subscription fee on other adult sites like PornHub? Comparing on these sites may somehow justify this pricing. But since the service being catered by Fakku was different to other adult sites, full comparison with those should be avoided.

Since Fakku was the first one on the Hentai market, I think this pricing was pretty generous for the subscribers. You need to consider the capital that Fakku management invested on legalizing this adult business.

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ZeroExistence wrote The other issue is the conversion rate from US to other countries may not be worth it. I live in Canada and 1 USD is. There are endless sites that provide similar services that Fakku has and have remained free.

I understand the view of where Fakku is going, but I'm not sure if it will be successful. In addition, now that people will be paying for the content, Fakku can't afford to deliver sub par content and most always have alot of content being pushed through that appeases to everyone.

When it was free, no one would complain because you would be called "Ungrateful", since people would be doing fakku subscription cost out of their spare time, but now that it's paying customer's there might be a lot more toxicity if a certain customer likes a specific tag for example vanilla, but all that's being pushed out is tentacles and NTR. Blvdman wrote Twitter Discord.

Fakku subscription cost

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