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The zenana swirls with incense and perfume. The women are preparing themselves for the sultan.

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The excitement is as thick as the scent. Despite the colored light cast by spacious stain glass windows, eloquent decorations, and painted ceilings, a cloud of gloom settles on me. Since Murad assumed power of the empire, the traditional advisors and servants have been replaced by captured peoples from distant lands. Eunuchs guard the palace, traded from the west or from Africa. They are fierce warriors, but the sultan only trusts them because they have no allegiances to family or homeland.

Most of the women arrived here the same.

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Captured by pirates as they crossed the Mediterranean, given as gifts to the royal family, or taken as slaves after the Turkish army conquered their people. The few local women in the harem are seclusive and bitter, veiled by their burqas and rarely leaving their quarters. Though the sultan does visit them, he has taken none as his wife, as tradition dictates he should have done long ago.

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The sultan calls me Tatli, but my domen name was Ochranca, meaning guardian. My father was bey of the nomadic Kara Domen, until Sultan Murad destroyed my village and took me prisoner.

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