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View Full Version : Escort Reports. Anyone have intel on these two? Not seeing them here so dunno. Theres a few reports floating around on Escort Babylon of that first one Emma being an upseller. Has anyone seen Artemis. There are 72 reviews but virtually all our single user. LOL gps and I forget she say no kissing. GPS to the max. Yeah same reviewer. Must be self advertising.

Super curious on Jude. If you see her please leave a review. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. She was super friendly and put me at ease plus her condo is really nice and safe. She is a little bigger than her pictures, not fat by any means, and her face is top notch.

Super fit and super hot body. The rest goes downhill from there. From the second I got there she was complaining about how she drank so much the night before and had a hangover. Then repeated it like 12 times. She gave a terrible 1 minute CBJ. She started complaining about me touching her like WTF? She would only bang in miss. Less than 2 minutes in she starts saying hurry the fuck up.

I just quit and said fuck this, got dressed and left. The absolute worst time ever. Will never repeat. Erotic monkey las vegas still pass. Shitty attitude and thinks way too highly of herself. Just look at her message on her ad. And fake reviews? And price range from ? No thanks.

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There is a review literally 1 back even if it is a very short one. Sorry, I'm kind erotic monkey las vegas short and to the point haha. Any one seen this lady? I want. But want to make sure she is legit. My first attempt with a differnet girl went horrible which I will post about in the tipoff report later. I had fun with her the week I was home. She certainly has an interesting life. What did you pay and what did you get? YMMV but it was pretty close to what was listed. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you find her attractive.

Going to repeat and repeat and repeat. Sorry for the delayed replies. I'm not very good about checking here unless it's go time. Super nice and friendly girl. Petite, Puerto Rican sexpot. Wouldn't bang in all positions. I was definitely too big for her and could only go about halfway in. I would probably recommend for others but won't repeat myself because of that.

For a four friends visiting. I typically stay with low cost AA hotties so my preferences don't make it. Must be beautiful white or light skinned Latina. All inclusive no Upsell. Donation not a problem. Thanks for any suggestions. Hello all, newbie here.

I tried to do my due diligence and did not find much. Anyone have an experience with her? Thanks for your feedback! I've seen her before maybe years ago. She had a gut and a large ass, but delivers and not a ripoff.

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So I've read s and s of your collective input, and using your educationing posts, I am close to booking a few independents for my trip Vegas next week. I was pursuing a few agencies but I can't continue down that road after seeing this board. Monica uses Eros. I had a fantastic time with Olivia Grace on my last trip, although she was three times more than I had planned to invest. But it was well beyond any expectation I had.

No regrets! I'll report back on whatever route we end up taking. Well, the third time I've tried to ask for a little help on this forum. And the third time that I got dusted. But I'll report back as I committed to do. I hope it helps someone. But high priced, too many "I don't do that's", and a clock watcher big time. We were disappointed. I would avoid this one. I would repeat as she is very sexy, and for a couple, very sweet and chatty with the GF. A true bi-sexual woman who really scored high in our mind.

PM me for details. I agree with Craven. She's a bit thick in the belly and booty. Her bbj is solid but no Greek if you're hung. She denied me even though she says she's a Greek goddess so you're mileage may vary. I haven't seen her since she's been back in Vegas but she's legit.

I met up with Diamond today. She's fairly new to the business here in Vegas. The girl is the one in the pictures. She's got a nice build with a erotic monkey las vegas tummy. She let oks good. Her face isn't beautiful, but not ugly either. She is very chatty in text and person.

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Genuinely a seeet person. She has no problems getting naked. No playing with her ass. In put FIV, and she said she didn't care for that. She was polite about. We were never rushed and things were good. I'd repeat. She was spectacular, but got the job done for a good price. Be nice to her. She stays at an apt complex near Hard Rock. Lives in a garage turned into a room. Place was a disaster. She would not take off all her clothes while we did it.

Erotic monkey las vegas

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