Erotic deception

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To submit your article to TJT, please click the link above to our online submission site. Kierkegaard's radical, existential understanding of the person implies a new approach to 'Truth and Method' and also, therefore, to the philosophy of education.

He understands the person as 'a relation that relates itself to itself and in relating itself to itself relates itself to another'. This definition, moving away from the concept of the person as 'an individual substance of a rational nature,' stresses rather that the person is 'a relational agent of erotic deception transcendence. But I shall not deal here with the notion of person or truth. Instead, I will concentrate on Kierkegaard's existential method and pedagogy, and clarify his way of thinking and teaching as 'a deceiving into truth.

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Learn more. the Conversation. Article History Version of record: 25 March Erotic Deception into Agapeic Truth. David Goicocechea.

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What Makes Us Human? Volume: 26, Issue: 2, pp. Related Articles.

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Daniel Castelo. Pentecostalism as a Christian Mystical Tradition. William Loader. Remember me.

Erotic deception

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