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She is so fucking dead, do you see Solution having that creepy ass smile or Lupus getting a bit too touchy. She definitely fits into the group better than most new worlders. How does she match up to them?

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They only one she might have a chance against under a very specific set of circumstances is CZ, and that's only if CZ is forced to fight in close quarters without her gun and only her knife, after all, CZ being a gunner really isn't built for that kind of fight Her Physical defense is very low for example, but she does have high agility though even then CZ would probably win more times than not. In a fight? Lo the shotgun with the most malicious intent in history of humanity. Lo the BFG with malicious intent.

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Lo the death star with malicious intent. Those clementine animated shorts were pretty good. And Danbooru is not a source btw.

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Any booru is not a source. I've seen this image on A bunch of other ripper sites long ago. CZ is like "yes tou are my new pet now" and that's what will save Clem from solution.

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Posted by 5 months ago. Sort by: best. View discussions in 1 other community. Reply Share. She's definitely crying inside. Continue this thread. Like in a fight very poorly. Lo the shotgun with the most malicious intent in history of humanity Not strong enough Lo the BFG with malicious intent Still not strong enough Lo the death star with malicious intent Perfect.

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Clem gets adopted by the Pleiades. And the necromancer? To shreds you say. Who's this "clmenitne" you speak of. Why do i like Clem so much it worries me a bit. More posts from the overlord community.

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Danbooru donmai

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