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Thread starter MW Start date Dec 22, Our four primary domains are kiwifarms. Be sure to bookmark all of them, and have fun! MW Guest kiwifarms. One thing led to another and Based Mama was soon enough in contact with Rose to talk about "mom stuff" as she claims in the video below. She talks mostly about how Joy Sparkles' fans being insane. Unfortunately the video above is a mirror and I haven't had much luck finding the first one.

Interesting thing to note is that Based Mama herself did lose custody of one of her kids, claiming it was because of people violating the gag order on her case. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 20, Stalovna kiwifarms. Venus said:. Based Mama has come to my attention in light of the on going Kraut Drama. Click to expand A lot of people, including Andy Warski and Faith Goldy, have jumped off Kilroy specifically because of Based mama and some of the stuff she did.

Goldy decided to leave after she got no reply from Based Mama on whether or not she Could get a panel on Western Identity, and despite leaving they kept Goldy on advertisements. Warski jumped off as did some other Skeptics when Based Mama and other organizers forced all participants to NDA's Non Disclosure Agreements and contracts forcing them to not other events. Bad Times kiwifarms. This with the Kilroy stuff will probably make a decent thread.

So here's another fucking andy stream:. Andy Warski was on it talking about Kilroy and going over the discrepancies. Joy Sparkle BS based mama nude up too.

Carkanith kiwifarms. Last edited: Dec 23, Darksydepickle I might be a Falcon Pickle. About time this bitch got a thread. She always seemed very holier than though to me. Varg Did Nothing Wrong kiwifarms. Intelligent Calcium Humble Fantabulist kiwifarms. If a manchild sees a woman over 30 who agrees with him politically, "mommie" and "based" are the first things that come to mind, apparently. Also, ex-mormon and ex-muslim? Multiclassing like that is bad for your experience point progression. Darksydepickle said:. That is actually one thing that annoyed me about her back when she called out Kati for doing pretty much the same thing she was; Rose's lawyer apparently ed them and Chambers to tell them all to STFU about Rose's case due to the gag order- yet Based Mama was trying to pin it all on Joy to hide her own craziness.

Tasty Tatty kiwifarms.

I noticed a shot of them sitting together on a couch in Jim's video about the whole Kraut situation yesterday. Retired Staff. Stalovna said:. DarkSydePundit said:. Nudes when?

Love everyone. See everyone next year! Tasty Tatty said:. DarkSydePundit Anime was a mistake kiwifarms. I mean she must have a secret webcam show or Instagram where she just shows her tits and nothing else. Just like her normal content without the talking. FunnY Shocked. As Shinoa would think. This is a sad retard playing victim. Like come on. Exposing her own revealing body? So it looks like Based Mama has fled off of social media You must log in or register to reply here.

Tags drama-whore. Similar thre. Self-described "female Based mama nude clone", crowdfunding scammer, pathetic bully, very unprofessional victim. Burning Fanatic Jan 7, Beauty Parlour 2 3 4. Replies 62 Views 37K. Mar 21, Burning Fanatic. Telespergy Oct 1, Lolcows 18 19 20 21 Replies Views K. Thin-skinned drama commentator, backstabbing snake, carelessly ruins reputations for clout. Burning Fanatic Sep 11, Internet Famous 2 3 4 5 6. Replies Views 38K. Jul 15, Ged's Forth. Style chooser Change width.

Based mama nude

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