Ayako: sex addiction

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Let me sum up the story so far: Ayako has been able to withstand her boyfriend's constant understated pressure for sex.

But finally after yet another big night out, restaurant included she gives in and treats him to a wholesome blow job, one he's sure to remember. But will she get away with just giving head? Indeed her boyfriend has ayako: sex addiction plans! Not only does she not get away with it, Ayako the sexy, young and busty purple haired, blue eyed, but innocentlove kitten is about to get her pussy pounded hard. Only she doesn't know it yet! Her boyfriend is living out some pent up emotions and it seems he won't let up until one of them falls unconscious. Ayako ayako: sex addiction plays along at first, but his huge cock and his uncanny ability to explode into ridiculous orgasms at will, stirs up deep feelings in her!

A carnal instinct awakens in Ayako and her desire for the cock grows by the orgasm and after several attempts to dodge his huge man meat, she finally falls pray to uncontrollable lust, an unquenchable thirst for cum and ultimately becomes addicted to sex! The finale? I have not included preview shots of the final act in the promos, because I don't want to take away from the first viewing. Ayako is lying on her stomach and was just treated to a massive spunk fest. This is where his need to fuck the busty Ayako drives him literally insane, he towers over her grabs her by the arms from behind, thrusts his huge wiener into her delicate love hole and lifts her body an all, up and up until she's suspended in mid air, her feet barely touching the ground!

And what happens next, is for you to find out! Surely you'll want to try this at home, but before you do, make sure get yourself a copy of 'Ayako - Sex Addiction' to see exactly how it's done! So this time around the continuation of the story line is up for a vote again!

Got to the vote and let me know what you'd like to see next:. Updated Developer Affect3D.

Language eng. Download via k2s. Download via fboom. Related games. In the guise of a restaurant, the hostesse There's plenty of choice to be had! This pro It is a game that you can play with a simple operation to pick up garbage while making the customer horny.

Total animation: 10 scen Busty, silver-haired Feiria's special moment is now an animated app! And just to add some depth, Aldira is here too!

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Ayako: sex addiction

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Ayako Sex Addiction