Amaterasu translations

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I am not saying that the Amaterasu translations are great. Given that I cannot read the Japanese texts, any such claim would be foolish. I could go more into detail, especially regarding bbut that is all for now.

The real question is, is reading them amaterasu translations intellectual as reading machine translation is? Imagine falling for the Moogy meme that Ixrec was terrible. They killed a flower in the bud :. Ixrec will forever be a champ. I shall always remember the red, even if no one else will. I would rather have a translation even if it is not perfect, than no translation at all.

It takes a lot of work to make a translation so I'm grateful for any that get released.

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I can read the originals. Amaterasu trans weren't perfect, but they did a good enough job for the reader.

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And personally I felt they got better with each game. Half the reason I love Comyu so much was because Ixrec did such a good job on it. The Amaterasu translations are great. Posted by 7 months ago.

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Let me be clear: I am not saying that the Amaterasu translations are great. I am simply saying that a I have never seen any substantial evidence for the claim that these translations are terrible. Sort by: best. The Amaterasu translations are great I am not saying that the Amaterasu translations are great??????

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Amaterasu translations

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The Amaterasu translations are great