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Now, changes to that piece of gear have led to a spree of concern and ass-related speculation from players who want to have an ass like 2B. These are huge instances where players can battle beefy bosses and gain quality loot. You can either be a supermodel or… okay, you can pretty much only be a supermodel.

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Lots of folks were into that for, as you might imagine, a variety of reasons both wholesome and horny. Players on Reddit and social media have rigorously scrutinized the ass situation, as I now have, making detailed comparisons of how the item reacts in certain contexts.

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The changes mostly stem from wearing tops of a certain length. You can observe the differences down below. Concerned players might not need to worry too long. According to one concerned citizen who said they watched a lengthy 14 hours! According to the translation, the item will be be assessed and fixed in a future patch. Players will get their asses back. Kotaku has reached out to the Square-Enix team but did not receive additional information in time for publication.

I have a weird job. Yoko Taro disapproves. He wanted the perfect butt to be enjoyed by everyone. The A. By Heather Alexandra. On the right: the default butt. Screenshot: Reddit.

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